Draft Central Coast Regulatory Policy

Draft Central Coast Regulatory Policy

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Thank you for your feedback on the Draft Central Coast Regulatory Policy.

The Draft Policy was prepared to replace Council's existing Policy for Compliance and Enforcement. The Draft Policy retains important elements from the current policy while including amendments to ensure a modernised approach to deliver our regulatory functions.

The objectives of the policy are:

  • to establish Council as a responsive, evidence-led, outcomes-focused and risk-based regulator
  • to provide a structure for consistent and transparent decision making
  • to empower the use of discretion by staff involved in regulatory decisions where appropriate
  • to provide our community and other Central Coast stakeholders with clarity on Council’s approach to regulation (including compliance and enforcement) across the Central Coast Local Government Area (LGA)
  • to protect human health, the environment, and Council and community assets (human-made and natural)
  • to enhance Council’s reputation and standing within the community based on sound regulatory decision-making while ensuring a level playing field, as far as possible, across the LGA underpinned by the concepts of fairness and equity,
  • to drive improved compliance with the various items of legislation, regulations, rules and other instruments or requirements administered and/or enforced by Council across the LGA over time.

All relevant feedback is being considered before the policy is adopted at a future Council meeting.

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Between 7 December 2023 and 7 February 2024 we sought community feedback and encouraged written submissions.


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Who's listening

Who's listening
Matthew Corradin - Unit Manager, Environment Compliance Services


What is the purpose of the proposed policy?

The Draft Policy provides clarity to both staff and the community about Council's approach to regulation (including compliance and enforcement action), key considerations made by Council staff when assessing the most appropriate outcome in relation to any allegations, providing clarity on the range of potential outcomes, amongst a range of other factors carried over from existing policy. 

What is being replaced as a result of this policy?

Currently, Central Coast Council's regulation framework is governed by the Policy for Compliance and Enforcement.

The Draft Central Coast Regulatory policy will supersede the current policy while also potentially rescinding the following policies which are now out of date:

Relevant information from the above policies may also be replaced with educational/informative content on Council’s website or through other means.

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