What is the purpose of the Urban Spatial Plan?

    The draft Urban Spatial Plan responds to the goals and directions of the NSW State Government’s Central Coast Regional Plan 2036 and the Central Coast Community Strategic Plan, to inform the Central Coast’s land use priorities for the Region. 

    Some of the items identified in the Draft Urban Spatial Plan are outside of Council’s control (i.e. public transport) – what role will Council play in these?

    Council will advocate on behalf of the community and collaborate with state agencies on certain projects and initiatives that fall outside of Council operations.

    What is the Urban Spatial Plan?

    The Urban Spatial Plan is the key visioning document for directing and managing growth and development across the Central Coast over the next 20 years. It provides a framework for the development of Council’s Local Strategic Planning Statement. 

    How were the Regional Centres, Strategic Centres, Town Centres, Villages and Gateways identified?

    The Central Coast Regional Plan 2036 established a Centres Hierarchy for the Central Coast and identified Gosford City Centre as the regional capital, Strategic Centres and Regional Gateways / Growth Corridors.  The Urban Spatial Plan also identifies a similar hierarchy of centres for the Central Coast, based on their role and function. 

    How were the priorities for each of the centres, villages and gateways identified?

    Priorities for each of the centres have been identified through previous community engagement and planning work under the former Wyong Shire and Gosford City Council’s.

    How does the Urban Spatial Plan align with ‘One Central Coast’ Community Strategic Plan (CSP)?

    The Urban Spatial Plan aligns with key themes and focus areas of “One Central Coast” Community Strategic Plan under the planning pillars of Place, Environment, Lifestyle and Infrastructure (refer page 23). 

    How will the Urban Spatial Plan assist in the development of actions to achieve the priorities identified throughout the USP?

    The draft Urban Spatial Plan represents the first step towards defining a Local Strategic Planning Statement for the region and aligns with community input through the Community Strategic Plan. 

    Following adoption of the draft Plan, we will identify land use planning actions for the Region to implement the land use vision, as part of Stage 2 Local Strategic Planning Statement. 

    We will also identify the basis on which we will monitor and report on the implementation of those actions. 

    What are the next steps for the Urban Spatial Plan?

    Following public exhibition, the draft Urban Spatial Plan will be reported to Council to endorse the final vision and adopt the Urban Spatial Plan. The endorsed plan will then inform the preparation of a Draft Local Strategic Planning Statement for the Central Coast. 

    How can I find out more information and get involved?

    For more information and to make a submission on the draft Urban Spatial Plan go to yourvoiceourcoast.com/UrbanSpatialPlan.