Gosford CBD Water and Sewer Upgrades

Gosford CBD Water and Sewer Upgrades

Projects currently underway

Council is currently undertaking major infrastructure upgrades in the Gosford CBD which will foster economic growth and support forecast population growth.   

There are 43 water main projects included in the upgrades, these works comprise of: 

  • The construction of approximately 7.8 kilometres of water main to upgrade the network to support future development demands and fire-fighting provisions 
  • New water main interconnection with Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) system supply feeding into a new distribution main to boost supply to the Gosford Hospital and President’s Hill zone as well as boosting supply in the reverse direction from the President’s Hill zone into the Gosford CBD. 

There are 23 sewer infrastructure improvements including: 

  • 20 sewer main projects 
  • Approximately 6.5 kilometres of sewer pipelines replaced
  • Two new sewage pump stations 
  • Upgrades to two existing pump stations

Construction for the works includes: 

  • Four railway crossings – one for a water project and three for sewer projects
  • Four TfNSW Central Coast Highway Crossings – two for water projects and two for sewer projects

This project is proudly funded by the NSW Government through the Housing Acceleration Fund (HAF). Council has received $42.5million in funding through the HAF to deliver these water and sewer infrastructure upgrades which will be competed in 2024.

Council is committed to maintaining water and sewer infrastructure across the Central Coast.


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Overview of individual projects

Overview of the key projects that make up the HAF funded Gosford CBD works.

Some of the current water and sewer infrastructure in the Gosford CBD is nearing the end of its asset life and is being upgraded to accommodate the forecast population growth and to facilitate important development that will contribute to establishing Gosford as a city that we can all be proud of.

Below is an overview of the key projects that make up the HAF funded Gosford CBD works.

Project ID information correlates with the project map available in the document library on this page.

Completed water infrastructure project locations: 

Project ID Location
3 South side of Racecourse Road
4 Racecourse Road around Holden St and Showground Road
5 Batley Street
6 Beane Street West
7 From Batley Street North to Faunce Street West
8 Faunce Street West near Racecourse
9 Section 1 Faunce Street West from Batley Street to Cape Street North
10 Faunce Street West from Cape Street North to Holden Street
16 Central Coast Highway at Albany Street intersection
17 William Street – Henry Parry Drive to Albany Street North
18 Ormond Street South across Etna Street
19 From John Whiteway Drive through easement to Henry Parry Drive
20 Erina Street East
21 Donnison Street West to 28 Flinders Lane
22 Donnison Street West
24 Duke Street South from Central Coast Highway (York Street) intersection
25 Faunce Street East from Henry Parry Drive
27 Hill Street between Etna St and Beane St
28 Fielders Lane south from Donnison Street West
29 Erina Street West and unformed section to Hely Street
34 Cape Street North Gosford
41 Blackett Street Gosford
43 Peek Way North Gosford





















Completed sewer infrastructure project locations: 

Project ID Location
1 Gosford Golf Course, Racecourse Road
2 Cape Street, Gosford
30 & 32 John Whiteway Drive
39 Mann Street, North Gosford







Current water infrastructure project locations: 

Project ID Location
1 & 2 Gosford Golf Course
13 & 31 Central Coast Highway and Georgiana Terrace





Upcoming water infrastructure project locations: 

Project ID Location
15 Young Street south connecting to Central Coast Hwy
33 Masons Parade
35 Erina Street East, Gosford
36 Batley Street Gosford
42 Erina Street East, Gosford








Current sewer infrastructure project locations:

3 Perina Road and Glennie Street, Gosford
4 Showground Road, Gosford and Akora Rd, Wyoming
5 Wollong Street, Gosford





Upcoming sewer infrastructure project locations: 

Project ID Location
6 & 21 Mann Street and Faunce Street, Gosford
13 Central Coast Highway, Mason Parade, Point Frederick


Current project impacts

Overview of current project impacts

When identified, information on constructions impacts will be outlined here.

Project ID Location  Impacts
3 / CPA 3616 Perina Road and Glennie Street, Gosford Traffic Control in place Perina Road
13/ CPA 4104 Central Coast Highway, Mason Parade, Point Frederick Road closure - Northbound lane of Masons Parade
Gosford Pool carpark on Masons Parade currently closed (until late July 2022)




Why are the Gosford CBD water and sewer upgrades important?

A major upgrade of Gosford’s water and sewer infrastructure is required for a number of reasons including:

  • significant forecasted population growth
  • increased number of approved dwellings
  • planned and forecast high-rise developments to be used for a range of purposes including residential, business, health and education
  • development of non-residential floor space and to enable efficient and sustainable redevelopment to occur within the CBD
  • fostering economic growth by enabling development opportunities that create local jobs and reduce the need for Central Coast residents to commute to work 
  • maximizes the usage of existing utility infrastructure 
  • required to position Gosford as the capital of the Central Coast in accordance with the expectations of the NSW Government as per the Central Coast Regional Pan 2016. 
Are there any impacts because of the current Gosford CBD water and sewer upgrades?

Yes, there will be some short-term pain but the long-term gains will be worth it. Whilst we acknowledge there will be some impacts, Council is making every effort to minimis these by: 

  • using drilling techniques that minimise construction corridors and limit the requirement for remediation works 
  • conducting major works outside of core-business hours to minimise disruption 
  • working with key business stakeholders to ensure project planning is done so in consideration of their business needs.
What projects have been completed as part of the Gosford CBD water and sewer infrastructure upgrades?

In the Gosford CBD Council has completed: 

  • twenty-three water infrastructure upgrades 
  • two sewer infrastructure upgrades.

In the Gosford CBD, Council has: 

  • five upcoming water infrastructure upgrades 
  • five upcoming sewer infrastructure upgrades. 
What development is happening in the Gosford CBD?

Recently completed key commercial developments/redevelopments in Gosford include:

  • Gosford Hospital – a number of major developments have been completed and more are planned
  • New Leagues Club Park
  • Bonython Tower (residential tower including street level restaurant and bar)
  • Hotel Gosford
  • Australia Tax Office and NSW Financial Services buildings.

Upcoming key commercial developments / potential developments include:

  • Gosford Regional Library
  • The Archibald (corner Donnison and Mann Streets) – mixed-Use Development containing commercial/retail, supermarket, hotel and shop top housing across two towers and podium
  • Gosford Alive (Donnison Street at the former ‘Kibbleplex’ site) – applicants approved concept scheme comprises: five towers ranging in height from 18 to 27 storeys (including podium); 727 dwellings, comprising 180x1 bed, 399x2 bed, 148x3 bed apartments; 5,422 m2 commercial premises GFA, including: 1,015 on-site car parking spaces
  • Gosford Leagues Club Redevelopment (Dane Drive) – this concept State Significant Development Application seeks approval for a mixed use development comprising tow towers above a podium. Towers to be situated towards the northern portion of the site, with a mix of uses
  • The Gateway (Watt Street – located in the centre of Gosford opposite Gosford Station and Burns Park) – The concept development proposes three mixed use towers and a public plaza in the centre. 

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