Woy Woy Lions Park District Playspace Upgrade

Woy Woy Lions Park District Playspace Upgrade

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Situated among some of the best views Woy Woy has to offer, we are preparing an upgrade to the district playspace at Woy Woy Lions Park. Although the current playspace has served our community well, we want to make sure we deliver a new park that possesses the capacity and a variety of equipment that embodies inclusion, activation and social engagement for all ages, abilities and cultural groups.

Your feedback was collected to determine the current and future users of Woy Woy Lions Park and your preferences for the type of playspace and inclusions that are important to you. The feedback gathered from the consultation is being used to select equipment, guide the design of the layout and decide on the recreational facilities to be included.

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We recognise that our community is diverse and is made up of individuals from various paths of life. To acknowledge and embrace that uniquity, we are driven to provide a playspace upgrade that is representative of this. As a result, we encourage you to submit your feedback to enable us to identify our users and plan for the future.

You are invited to submit your feedback between Thursday 28 September and Friday 27 October 2023 by:

Your attention is drawn to the provisions of the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 which allows for possible access to certain public and personal documentation. View our privacy statement.


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Who's listening

Who's listening
Alex Chipchase - Open Space & Rec Planner, Open Space & Recreation


Why is Council upgrading Woy Woy Lions Park?

This playspace upgrade is part of Council’s ongoing replacement program and was scheduled as part of Council’s Operational Plan 2023-24.

What is the difference between a local playspace and a district playspace?

Council has developed a hierarchy of playspace types guided by local and state guidelines for open space so that there is a fair distribution and a variety of destination areas for short and extended visits.

The hierarchy consists of:

1.  Regional playspaces – These are currently the largest of Council’s suite of playspaces which attract and serve people across the whole region and outside areas. They typically have the greatest capacity and variety of equipment and aim to improve inclusion, activation, and social engagement across all ages, abilities and cultural groups. Visitors are encouraged to stay for longer than two hours as they incorporate a wide array of complimentary facilities including shelters, tables, barbecues, car parking and associated activities such as half-courts, skate areas and bike paths. Examples include Saltwater Creek Park Long Jetty, Peninsula Recreation Precinct Umina, and Canton Beach Community Park for the visually impaired.

2.  District playspaces - are medium size playspaces which provide for the Social Plan District but may also serve the region with play equipment catering to multiple age groups. They are accessible by bicycle, car, bus and are co-located with other facilities such as parking, toilets, shared paths or sports facilities to maximize use and are fully inclusive. Examples are Sohier Park, Ourimbah, Empire Bay Tennis,

3.  Local playspaces - These make up 80% of our playspaces located within local parks and typically have the least play equipment. They are intended to provide for the local community and are within walking distance generally at a 500m radius.

Why am I being asked how I use the existing space?

Council is running community consultation to determine current and future users of the playspace and their preferences for the type of playspace and inclusions they would like to see in the upgrade. This will help Council design the overall playspace and select the best fit equipment for the community who will be using it.

How will my response be used to inform the design of the new playspace?

The results of the survey will help Council understand the user groups and their needs when it comes to the new playspace. This will allow council to select the most appropriate equipment and layout for the playspace to ensure the community get the best end result.

Will there be shade at this playspace?

Shade structures are included at all district playspaces in the areas of the park that are most essential – such as toddlers’ areas.

Council uses natural shade within playspace design via existing trees or the planting of mature trees.

Shade structures or tree planting are not always possible at every location due site constraint such as impacts upon surrounding environment etc. and the high incidence of vandalism and cost of maintenance of shades structures.

In line with the Cancer Council's recommendations, it is recommended to visit playspaces in the mornings and afternoons and not at the hottest time of the day (in the middle of the day) and to always wear sun-safe clothing such as long sleeves and hats.

How much will this district level playspace cost?

The Lions Park playspace upgrade is expected to cost $340,000 as highlighted in the Central Coast Council's Operational Plan 2023/24.

Will there be inclusive equipment?

Yes, the principle of providing inclusive and accessible playspaces will continue in line with the NSW Government's ‘Everyone can Play’ guidelines and Central Coast Council's Disability Inclusion Action Plan to meet the needs of our diverse range of users.

Inclusive playspaces provide for all abilities, not just access. Accessible playspace design mainly addresses the movement needs of those with disabilities. Council staff undergo continued development in the area of Inclusive & Accessible playspaces and are committed to making places more inclusive for everyone.

Why is there no equipment in the concept plan?

No equipment has been selected for this playspace yet. Council is awaiting the results of the survey to select the most appropriate equipment and layout for the playspace so that the community get the best end result.

Will the playspace be unavailable during construction and what alternative options are there?

Lions Park Reserve will remain open to the public. However, to upgrade the playspace, Council will need to close Lions Park's playspace for a period of time. Council will be in a position to provide further detail relating to the upgrade of the park in early 2024 and prior to construction commencing. 

Safety is exceptionally important for Council and we are required to meet the high safety standards under Australian law.

Will there be further consultation opportunities during the design phase of this playspace?

No, but we are further developing and planning for the overall Lions Park Reserve this year, with community consultation being a key contributing factor to guide this.  We will, in due course, promote this opportunity to the community, so they can have their say, either by attending workshops, online surveys, and/or forums.

What are the next steps and how long will the playspace take to be delivered?

Council staff will undertake further detailed design for the Lions Park playspace based on the feedback from this survey. Completion of park construction is planned to occur by 30 June 2024.

How can I have my say?

The community is invited to provide feedback on the online submission form from Thursday 28 September to Friday 27 October 2023.

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