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Central Coast Sustainability Survey

Central Coast Sustainability Survey

Consultation for this project has now concluded.

Central Coast Council are developing a suite of policies, strategies and plans that will help us achieve a more sustainable Central Coast.

To support this goal Council engaged with the community via a survey on sustainability. 

The aim of the survey was to understand how Council’s actions were tracking in terms of community expectations and to understand the priority areas for action. 

The online survey was conducted from Monday 18 February to Sunday 17 March 2019. 

In total, 702 participants took part in the survey - view the results.

The feedback from this survey have and will be fed into more detailed consultation on the Sustainability Performance Pathway, Biodiversity Strategy, Waste Management and Greening vision for the region. 

Next steps…

The sustainability survey was the first step of the development of the Sustainability Performance Pathway.

The Sustainability Performance Pathway will aim to provide a strategic pathway for improving sustainability of Central Coast Council, and the Central Coast Region.

Council is currently undertaking an internal benchmarking process to understand our corporate sustainability performance. Additionally, Council is working on collating data and indicators that will help us to create a baseline of the region’s sustainability performance. 

Following this benchmarking process Council will work to produce a number of Sustainability Goals that reflect the outcomes of the Sustainability survey and other community feedback that will be included in to a sustainability performance pathway for the region. Further community engagement and consultation will be held as the project progresses. 


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Present draft plans, policies and strategies to Council for endorsement to go on public exhibition
Who's listening
Janene Flick - Senior Strategic Environmental Planner

What are the policies, strategies and plans being developed?

The key policies, strategies and plans being developed by council now and into the future include:

Sustainability Strategy - A pathway to a more sustainable Council, and region.

Biodiversity strategy - 5 year program; conservation, resourcing, community participation, land management, & corporate leadership

Urban Forestry Strategy - Sustaining and enhancing our tree canopy & reducing ‘Urban Heat Island Effect’

Central Coast Waste Strategy - Strategic plan to achieve additional diversion, increased co-generation and improved landfill practices.

Encroachment Policy

Energy Emission Reduction Policy

Disaster Resilience Strategy

Energy & Emission Reduction Strategy

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