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Draft Drinking Water Policy and Draft Recycled Water Quality Policy

Draft Drinking Water Policy and Draft Recycled Water Quality Policy

Public Exhibition has now concluded

The quality and responsible use of water across the Central Coast remains firmly on Council’s agenda with two new policies placed on public exhibition between Friday 3 July to Friday 31 July 2020.

Residents were encouraged to have their say about both the Draft Drinking Water Quality Policy and Draft Recycled Water Quality Policy.

The Draft Drinking Water Policy consolidates the previous policies of the former Wyong and Gosford City Councils and demonstrates Council’s commitment to providing continuous supply of drinking water that is consistent with the requirements of the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

The Draft Recycled Water Quality Policy is based on the former Gosford City Council Policy and reinforces Council’s commitment to the responsible and sustainable management and use of recycled water consistent with the Australian Guidelines for Recycled Water.

Water quality and security remain key priorities for the community and Council. It is important to meet both the needs of our immediate population, and for future growth, that we ensure residents have access to high quality and safe drinking water. 

Both these policies reinforce our commitment to this vital resource.


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