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Draft Skatepark Action Plan 2020-2030

Draft Skatepark Action Plan 2020-2030

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Central Coast Council’s Skatepark Action Plan will set the strategic direction for the future of skateparks across the Local Government Area (LGA).

Central Coast Council has developed a draft Skatepark Action Plan 2020-2030. This is a high-level action plan with priorities to inform the development, upgrade and maintenance of skate facilities on the Central Coast to meet the needs of our community. We’re committed to creating a liveable community that promotes healthy living and ensures sport, leisure and recreation facilities such as skateparks are maintained and delivered.

Between July and August 2019 Central Coast Council  consulted with the community about the development of the Skatepark Action Plan 2020-2030.  This included a region wide survey, workshops and walk-shops and resulted in over 100 people participating.

The consultation provided valuable insights into the needs and visions for skating on the Central Coast and has been used to inform the draft Skatepark Action Plan 2020-2030.

Have Your Say 

The community were invited to: 
•    View the Draft Skatepark Action Plan 2020-2030
•    Provide feedback via the online submission form (now closed)
•    Send a submission to ask@centralcoast.nsw.gov.au 

Submissions were accepted between 2 October and 30 October 2020. 

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Katherine Simmons - Recreational Planner
What is the purpose of the Central Coast Skatepark Action Plan?

This will be the first region-wide Skatepark Action Plan. The Action Plan will coordinate the future planning, management and maintenance of these recreation assets. This high-level action plan identifies priorities to inform the development, upgrade and maintenance of skate facilities on the Central Coast to meet the needs of our community.

What is the aim of the Central Coast Skatepark Action Plan?

The Action Plan is intended to provide direction for Council on the future development and management of skate facilities in the region.

Will the Central Coast Skatepark Action Plan consider the previous strategies written for the former Gosford City Council and former Wyong Shire Council?

Yes. The 2014, WSC and the 2001 GCC skate strategies have informed the action plan.  Council now requires a new and up to date Plan for the future of skateparks across the entire region.


Was a review of the existing Skate facilities on the Central Coast conducted?

Yes, we carried out inspections of all Council owned and maintained skateparks to evaluate current condition of skateparks and their elements including but not limited to: 
•    concrete structures and surfaces
•    metal elements 
•    signs 
•    shade structures
•    sculpture
•    bubblers 
•    seats and tables
•    drainage structures 
•    adjacent surface treatments

Does the Action Plan identify locations for more skate facilities across the LGA?

Yes, and the Action Plan:
•    Includes maps with supporting information on existing and recommended locations, condition, and hierarchy and capacity ratings for skateparks.
•    Includes a needs analysis based on recreational trends and economic benefits for future skatepark development.
•    Synthesises the results of the assessment and engagement works to inform the Action Plan and reinforce the hierarchy of skateparks on the Central Coast.
•    Proposes a list of actions with recommendations on priority for upgrades of existing and development of new facilities.

Who got involved in the development of the Central Coast Skatepark Action Plan?

Council invited current and future users of skateparks, and any individuals, business owners or groups on the Coast with an interest in providing safe, quality skateparks that encourage active lifestyles and recreation for the people of the Central Coast.

Why are Council investing in skate parks?

Council are investing in purpose built, safe and engaging skateparks and recreation areas because of the many community benefits they provide, in particular the promotion of active and healthy lifestyles,social inclusion and accommodating the growing popularity of skateboarding and scootering across age groups, genders and abilities.


What are the community benefits to having skating facilities?

1.    Provide safe purpose-built environment for skateboarding and scootering – avoiding injury or death from collisions with pedestrians or motor vehicles.
2.    Assist in reducing damage to private property – without designated areas for skating, other public areas will become a skate places resulting in damage to paintwork and structures and impacts to businesses and residents.
3.    Promote active and healthy activities, especially for youth – research has shown that active youth are less likely to engage in anti-social behaviour.
4.    Provide safe environments to engage in sport based learning which creates opportunities to develop life skills that help combat intolerance, gender discrimination and peer violence
5.    Numerous physical, mental and social benefits for participants that come with being active.
6.    Boosting tourism with additional recreation facilities that can attract regional and significant community skate events. 

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