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The Entrance Place Plan

The Entrance Place Plan

The Entrance Place Plan
Consultation for this project has now concluded.

A Place Plan is an exciting project that draws together all the ideas and opportunities identified for The Entrance over the past 10 years, with the intent to activate and revistalise the town.   

The Entrance is one of the most beautiful coastal towns in New South Wales. Its stunning scenic qualities and natural features established it as a coastal holiday destination in the 19th Century.

The latest challenge, the global pandemic (COVID-19), stripped the town of its visitor market for a period of time. This made 2020 a unique opportunity to see the town without its usual visitor market and  has allowed us to better understand how the locals use the town centre.

Locals are essential to the survival and indeed the success of The Entrance. The Place Plan has the opportunity to create both local and visitor markets – establishing activations, events and spaces that will make The Entrance number one on their destination list.

We’re looking to understand your future aspirations for the town so we can get projects moving – no matter how big or small they may be. In fact – a lot of what place planning is all about, is starting small – seeing some quick results and benefits – and building towards a common end-goal.

Five precincts have been identified to help you locate your ideas, as follows:

  1. The Town Centre
  2. Waterfront Plaza
  3. Memorial Park
  4. Coastal Walk 1
  5. Coastal Walk 2
The Entrance Precinct Plan


Watch The Entrance Place Plan Video and share your ideas for each precinct on our Ideas Wall!

We will be collecting feedback through the Ideas Wall until 5pm Sunday 2 August.

Together we can create a series of places that collectively have the power to positively transform The Entrance!

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