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Gosford CBD Heritage Strategy

Gosford CBD Heritage Strategy

Consultation for this project has now concluded.

Central Coast Council commissioned the development of a Gosford CBD Heritage Interpretation Strategy to provide a framework and recommendations on how to bring the heritage of Gosford to life.

The Strategy puts forward a series of innovative, interactive and inclusive ways for visitors to engage with the city’s past, and reposition Gosford CBD as a destination for tourists and residents.



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Rebecca Cardy - Heritage Officer

How are the works going to be prioritised?

The works outlined in the strategy, as recommendations for implementation will be prioritised through community feedback, funding  and accessibility to resources.

Why does the Gosford CBD need the Heritage strategy?

A reinvigorated city centre that draws inspiration from the natural and cultural values of Gosford’s rich history will make the Gosford CBD come alive with new meaning and give it a new identity.

Using heritage interpretation will attract tourism and business activities, extend the length of stay and allow businesses to make the most of Gosford’s rich past history.

Intergrading heritage interpretation in a range of community-led place making activities and social enterprises will give the community confidence that they are part of Gosford’s future as represented and demonstrated through their stories.

The draft Gosford CBD Heritage Interpretation Strategy is a framework to bring the heritage of Gosford to life in the context of tourism, heritage, urban renewal and place-making.

The strategy is being undertaken to assist with job creation and to foster a new sense of pride in the town, to engage with disenfranchised and marginalised residents and repositioning the CBD as a destination attraction in line with tourism and planning objectives.

What works are likely to be carried out as a result of this strategy?

The draft Strategy identifies a variety of recommendations that can be carried out as works during the implementations phase which include but are not limited to-

graphics and multisensory media in urban and public areas that will include digital media, soundscapes, tactile installations and heritage-inspired public art

What is the anticipated delivery timeframe for the works?

The strategy is currently at the ‘public exhibition’ phase where the purpose is to gain feedback and comments on the strategy. After this, there are additional processes that must occur such as a consideration of submissions period and reporting back to Council for approval and implementation.

How much is going to be spent on the improvements? Where will funding come from?

The implementation of the Strategy will be staged and funding from various sources will be sought. Details of this has not been confirmed at this stage.

Will residents be consulted on the scope of works to be undertaken?

Public exhibition of the strategy is to seek feedback on the strategy and the recommendations proposed for implementation. Further consultation will be sought during the implementation phase through a series of workshops.

The strategy is available for the entire community to provide comment.

Who is the coordinator for the project?

Council’s Heritage Officer, Rebecca Cardy is coordinating this project.

Rebecca can be contacted by email at rebecca.cardy@centralcoast.nsw.gov.au

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