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Green Point Sun Valley Park Redevelopment (regional playspace)

Green Point Sun Valley Park Redevelopment (regional playspace)

Green Point Sun Valley Park Redevelopment (regional playspace)
Consultation for this project has now concluded.

Current status

Council is currently finalising the tender process for the award of the Sun Valley Park Regional Playspace construction contract.

Council has also purchased all play equipment and park furniture for the redevelopment which has been delivered to Council’s Erina Works Depot in preparation for commencement of the construction works.

Whilst there have been significant project delays this year due a number of factors including bushfires, COVID-19 and Council’s financial position, the project is still progressing with an anticipated completion date of May 2021.

About this project

Central Coast Council is planning to revitalise Sun Valley Park with the redevelopment of the reserve in 2021. The redevelopment includes the construction of a safe, functional, inclusive regional playspace consisting of play equipment, park furniture, connective pathways, landscaping, shade and fencing as well as an upgrade to the existing amenities building, basketball court and carpark.

The vision of the redevelopment is to produce a high quality inclusive regional playspace that will create opportunities for play, social engagement and an active outdoor lifestyle for a wide range of ages, ability levels and cultural backgrounds across the Central Coast.

This project is proudly funded by the NSW Government in association with Central Coast Council.

Phase one consultation summary

From October to November 2019 Council and Fiona Robbé Landscape Architects undertook round one of community consultation for the project. Consultation for Sun Valley Park Regional Playspace was held with the community, schools and varied organisations, including those who work, live with or support people with disabilities. Eight face-to-face events were held with over 1,200 people in a range of different settings, ensuring we canvassed a broad cross-section of people interested in the development of Sun Valley Park.

The consultation provided valuable insights into the interests, needs and desires of the Central Coast community. Consultation also highlighted the importance of inclusive play to people who do not generally deal with disability or special needs in their lives or work.

The results from the consultations were analysed to formulate an overall community design brief and concept design. The design brief details needs and wishes for play experiences, as well as supportive elements and amenities. By following the briefs, the concept design for the playspace directly reflects community needs and wishes.

Phase two consultation summary

From 27 February to 11 March 2020 Council and Fiona Robbé Landscape Architects undertook round two of community consultation for the project. Phase two consultation saw the presentation of the concept design with the opportunity for the community to provide feedback on an interactive map or provide comments via a survey form.

The concept plans attracted 1244 thumbs up and 111 thumbs down reactions. One hundred and fifty two comments related to the elements were also received. A full consultation report has been developed for the community to view in the documents section of this page.

Since the completion of the consultation phases Council with the Fiona Robbe Landscape Architect team have worked on the design to prepare a final design which addresses the community feedback within the project budget.

Full construction documentation has been prepared with Council calling for construction tenders in October 2020.

Phase 2: Community consultation

The concept plans for the Sun Valley Regional Play Space Redevelopment are open for comment.

Who's listening
Janice Dart - Recreation Officer

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