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Kibble Park Place Plan

Kibble Park Place Plan

Consultation for this project has now concluded.

For a long time, Kibble Park has been the heart of Gosford – but it is need of a refresh to make it a safe, welcoming and vibrant park that we can all be proud of. To achieve this, we are seeking feedback from the community on revitalising the park.

From May-July last year we consulted with our broader community, business owners, residents and users of the park to identify short, medium and longer-term initiatives we could look at to increase activation, improve the visitor experience, fosters pride and transform the way the community interacts and connects with Kibble Park and surrounding areas.

From feedback received, we drafted the Kibble Park Place Plan and asked the community to let us know if we’d gotten it right!

We collected feedback between 15 March and 29 March 2021.

We recognise the value of community knowledge and ideas. Help create a rejuvenated, activated and engaging park that our community can be proud of.


Timeline View

Draft Kibble Park Place Plan being finalised

<p>Feedback will be used to help us finalise the Kibble Park Place Plan</p>


Who's listening

Who's listening
Kirsten Bock - Project Officer
4350 1569
Given Council’s current financial situation, why are concept plans for the Kibble Park enhancements still going ahead?

It is imperative we continue to plan for and build infrastructure for the community. The importance of Town Centres and how they are managed is a priority for the community and Council. Kibble Park sits at the heart of Gosford and is an important part of Gosford’s growth. The Park is currently in need of an overhaul and rejuvenating, so that the entire community can enjoy, it is one of Councils priorities. By carrying out this engagement at concept design stage, we ensure the community’s views are considered and included in the final product.

How will the Kibble Park project be funded?

Council is committed to the ongoing revitalisation of a range of town centres. It is anticipated the Plan will identify a range of enhancements that will be implemented over a few years through a combination of grant funding and Local Infrastructure Contributions to fund these upgrades. 

Local Infrastructure Contributions (also referred to as Development Contributions) are charged by Council when new development occurs. These contributions fund local infrastructure needed to support an increased number of residents in the area. This type of local infrastructure typically includes local roads, stormwater and drainage, shared pathways, parks, playspaces or other recreational areas, environmental land and community facilities.

For more information on Development Contributions and to view all Council Contribution Plans, go to Council's main website.

How will any maintenance in Kibble Park be funded?

The ongoing maintenance will be funded from Councils existing Operational Budget for public spaces, parks and reserves such as Kibble Park.

What is a Place Plan and why does Kibble Park need one?

We want to foster pride in the area and transform the way our community interacts and connects with Kibble Park. 

A Place Plan aims to improve places and spaces for the benefit of residents, businesses and visitors by adopting a place-based approach to determine the physical infrastructure and services that best respond to local needs. A key feature of the Place Plan involves identifying short, medium-and longer-term initiatives and projects that will help to enliven Kibble Park and improve the visitor experience for all. 

The Place Plan will provide a framework to help Council work in partnership with the community to realise a shared vision for the Park, including how we manage the Park, guidance around events and activations and where physical infrastructure should be to support our collective objectives.

How will the Park link to the newer foreshore area development and other redevelopment plans for Gosford CBD?

The Kibble Park Place Plan project considers the Gosford Leagues Club Park project and its relationship to the Kibble Park. 

What is happening with the Fountain?

Council has recently conducted an assessment of the fountain with a view to refurbish it. However, due to the poor condition of its structure, foundations and componentry it has been deemed not viable to repair. The central sculpture piece though, is salvageable and could be reimagined and repurposed as part of upgrades to the Park.  

How will the upgrade improve the City?

The community has told us that Kibble Park is in need of a facelift and has some ageing infrastructure, and that is having a negative effect on the perception of the Gosford CBD. Upgrading Kibble Park will breathe new life into the City and present a fresh face for the community, visitors and businesses. The upgrade will include looking at new ideas for making the space attractive, safe and enjoyable for all people to be in, and ways to contribute to local economic development.

The NSW Government Architect has already made a plan for Kibble Park, why do we need another one?

The Gosford Urban Design Framework set a high-level direction for how the design of the city should be approached, including Kibble Park. 

The Kibble Park Place Plan and subsequent Concept Plans will take that direction to the next level, setting out clear actions and practical concept designs that will guide Council in improving the experience of residents, businesses and tourists who use the Park.

Will the historical information remain in Kibble Park?

It is important to celebrate local history in public spaces and we will be looking to enhance, not diminish, the celebration of heritage within Kibble Park. We will also be investigating some of the opportunities identified in the Gosford Heritage Interpretation Strategy.

How will the upgrade help to make Kibble Park safer?

Safety is a key concern for the community and Council. Good urban design helps to make places feel, and actually be, safer. Small changes such as improved lighting and clear lines of sight as well as bigger things like activating the space through events and things that attract more people all help to make places safer. The Place Plan and Concept Plan will prioritise safety as a key consideration.

Will the playground remain in Kibble Park?

Yes. Part of the project is to look at ways to upgrade the current playground and to make it accessible so everyone can play.

Will the library remain in Kibble Park?

Yes. The position of the current Library building and its connection to the Park and surrounding areas has been considered in the development of this Plan. 

Council is progressing with the development of a new Regional Library on Donnison St, across the road from the existing Library. There will be no changes in purpose nor interruption to any current operations of the Library until the new Regional Library has been completed.

What about the proposed Kibbleplex Development?

The Lederer Group’s proposed ‘Gosford Alive’ development on the site of the former Kibbleplex building was assessed and the proposed Concept Plan and Stage 1 works were approved by the Department of Planning subject to several conditions. The Kibble Park Place Plan project considers this project and its relationship to the Park.

What are the next steps?

The draft Place Plan and Concept Plan will be made available for the community to provide comment. This feedback will then inform the final Kibble Park Place Plan and Concept Plan. 

When will we start to see changes in the Park?

The Place Plan sets out short term initiatives which can be acted on more quickly as well as medium and longer-term goals. While the community can expect to see some changes from 2021 the Plan will be implemented over a few years.

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