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Let's Talk Woy Woy

Let's Talk Woy Woy

Let's Talk Woy Woy
Consultation for this project has now concluded.

Thank you to everyone who participated in Let's Talk Woy Woy. 

The community are invited to:

  • view the consultation report on the community feedback we received from Let’s Talk Woy Woy and Council's response to the issues raised
  • view the engagement summary, which summarises how we consulted with the community for Let’s Talk Woy Woy.

Below is a list of key projects discussed during this important consultation with the community, and an update on each of them.


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Let's Talk Woy Woy - Project List

Woy Woy Town Centre Wharf Redevelopment

Council thanks all community members and stakeholders who provided feedback on the Woy Woy Town Centre Wharf Redevelopment project. Feedback has been taken into consideration through the design and construction planning process. Construction of the new wharf has now commenced (August 2020) and the project is expected for completion early 2021.

Woy Woy place activation

The feedback we received from Let’s Talk Woy Woy and other stakeholder consultation has been reviewed and is contributing to the development of a draft Place Activation Framework for Woy Woy and surrounding town centres, which is currently in progress.

Woy Woy Town Centre Strategy

Let's Talk Woy Woy has provided Council with a wealth of information about Woy Woy town centre and the community’s future aspirations.This feedback is now being used to inform the Woy Woy Town Centre Strategy.

Central Coast Heritage Study

Council has commenced working on the first stage of a Coast-wide Heritage Study. Let’s Talk Woy Woy provided valuable information on what the community values in terms of heritage in their local area. Council will now use this information to progress a Heritage Gap Analysis and a review of the heritage nominations that have been received from the community up to the present.


Council is developing the Central Coast Car Parking Study and Implementation Plan which will provide Council with a solid framework to improve the management and overall quality of parking and transport services in the region.

A key focus area of the study includes Woy Woy. 

The study was placed on public exhibition in June 2020 to obtain community feedback.  Council is currently reviewing the feedback received with the intention of reporting back to Council later this year. 

Additionally, one of the background studies which is currently being prepared to inform the Woy Woy Town Centre Strategy is a Traffic, Transport and Mobility Study. This work will investigate a range of matters relating to traffic movement and parking within the town centre.

A new art installation

The Anderson Park Woy Woy Public Art Design has been developed by artist Jane Cavanough – based on feedback from Let’s Talk Woy Woy and the community consultation held for the development of the draft Town Centre Identity Package. 

Following the completion of discussion with businesses and groups near Anderson Park, the public art design will be publicly exhibited via a DA. 

Pending planning approval, the artwork is intended to be developed and launched along with the completion of the new Woy Woy wharf in early 2021.

Woy Woy Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan

A Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan for Woy Woy Peninsula including Kahibah Creek catchment is currently in development. As part of this study and plan, Council will be reaching out to all impacted residents to gain a more thorough understanding of the flooding issues in the area. Residents should expect to hear from Council on this matter towards the end of this year.

New Correa Bay Boat Ramp

Woy Woy’s Correa Bay boat ramp upgrades are now complete and provide a safer and easier way to access Woy Woy Bay and Peninsula waterways.

This new boat ramp is complemented by the beautiful foreshore grassed area with picnic tables, public toilets, barbecue and off-street parking making it a perfect spot to enjoy the outdoors.

James Browne Oval Upgrade

Drainage and irrigation works were completed at James Browne Oval in the 2019-20 financial year providing local sports users with improved functionality and increased use of the sporting fields all year round. 

In addition, Council will be undertaking sportsground lighting upgrades and designing carpark upgrades this financial year.

Rogers Park Sportsground Amenities Building upgrade 

Council’s capital works program for this financial year includes an amenities building upgrade at Rogers Park. 

Further announcements and details will be issued in due course.

The new toilet facility at Woy Woy Fisherman’s Wharf

This project is currently on hold until funding is received.

Woy Woy Roads, Transport and Drainage projects

Council thanks community members for their feedback and requests for road and drainage projects in Woy Woy.

Requests for infrastructure, including kerb and gutter, are listed for consideration of funding through Council’s Capital Works Program. All works are prioritised against technical criteria which results in a ranking of projects. As funding is limited, budget allocations are made to projects with the highest ranking.   

For more information, Council’s yearly Road and Drainage Capital Works projects can be viewed on an interactive map.

Water Main Renewal and Extension Works

Each year Council plans capital works for our water and sewer infrastructure. This includes replacement of pipelines, upgrading sewer pump stations and treatment plants, refurbishment of water reservoirs and other improvement works. Additionally, we also carry out emergency works to address any water service interruptions.

The Peninsula has a greater risk of low circulating water due to the large number of dead-end networks and Council has been working to improve water supply through its extensive water mains maintenance program.

In addition to regular maintenance, cleaning and flushing programs, part of this program saw a number of dead-ends in the water supply network on the Peninsula extended to connect into the main network.

Council extended 11 sections of dead-ends and is working to soon eliminate other remaining dead-ends to ensure continued high-quality water to the community.

Works were done in Woy Woy, Umina Beach and Ettalong.

For more information, Council’s Water and Sewer Capital Works Program can be viewed on an interactive map.

Rawson Road Level Crossing Replacement Project Stage 2 (Roads and Maritime project)

Council acknowledges the need to carry out improvements to the Rawson Road Level Crossing and had previously developed the Rawson Road Level Crossing Replacement project. The project received considerable grant funding from the State Government with a number of associated projects, such as the pedestrian underpass at Rawson Road, constructed. However, due to impacts on the state rail network, a re-design of major components of the project were required, which resulted in a funding shortfall and the project did not proceed to completion.

The project is a significant infrastructure upgrade that is beyond Council’s financial resources and therefore relies on grant funding from either the State or Federal Government to undertake this type of infrastructure improvement. Council is advocating on behalf of the community for the State and/or Federal Government to provide funding and deliver this important project.

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