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Narara Eco Village Planning Proposal and Amended Planning Agreement

Narara Eco Village Planning Proposal and Amended Planning Agreement

This public exhibition has now concluded.

Council received a Gateway Determination for a Planning Proposal to amend the Central Coast Local Environmental Plan 2022 provisions applying to Narara Eco Village located at 17 and 33 Gugandi Road, Narara. Amendments are also proposed to Chapter 5.8 (Narara Gosford Horticultural Institute) of Central Coast Development Control Plan 2022.

A Planning Agreement, associated with the original rezoning of the site in 2007, has recently been amended and is exhibited concurrently with this Planning Proposal and DCP. 

The Planning Proposal seeks to reduce the lot size applying to the R2 zoned portion of the site, rezone land and introduce additional permitted uses. These amendments aim to   improve housing diversity and affordability by facilitating a range of housing typologies, provide flexibility for local services and employment by permitting small scale retail and business uses, and enable the adaptive reuse of existing buildings.

The Planning Proposal, draft Development Control Plan (DCP) chapter, Planning Agreement and supporting documentation are on exhibition from 23 October to 20 November 2023.

The community were invited to read the FAQs (below) and view the Draft Planning Proposal, DCP (main document and technical documents) and Planning Agreement available in the Document Library on this page. 

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Submissions were to be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, Mr David Farmer by 20 November 2023 via: 

The Planning Proposal has been drafted in accordance with Section 3.33 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, 1979.  A gateway determination under Section 3.34 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act has been issued by the Department of Planning & Environment.

Your attention is drawn to the provisions of the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 which allows for possible access to certain public and personal documentation. View our privacy statement.


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Who's listening

Who's listening
Charlotte Ryan - Senior Strategic Planner

What is a Planning Proposal?

A Planning Proposal is a document that explains proposed changes to land zoning and / or planning controls (eg. building height, floor space ratio, minimum lot size etc) and sets out the justification for the proposed amendments to a Local Environmental Plan (LEP).  

Find out more about the Planning Proposal process here

An LEP amendment will result in changes to the planning controls applicable to a property. This will not result in development approval.

What is a Planning Agreement?

Planning Agreements are voluntary arrangements between a developer and one or more Council’s and/or other planning authorities, where the developer agrees to dedicate land free of cost, pay a monetary contribution, provide a material public benefit, or any combination of the above, for public infrastructure or another public purpose.

What is the current stage of the Planning Proposal?

The Planning Proposal is currently at the stage in the Local Environmental Plan Amendment Process shown in Diagram 1. 













Diagram 1 – LEP Amendment/Rezoning Process

What are the next steps for the Planning Proposal?

The Planning Proposal will be exhibited for a period of 28 days. Proceeding exhibition, Council staff will review and consider all submissions and make any necessary amendments to the Planning Proposal. Council staff will then prepare a report to Council responding to submissions and recommending the Planning Proposal either proceed or not proceed to finalisation. All those who make a submission during the public exhibition period will be notified of the Council meeting.

Should Council decide to proceed with the Planning Proposal, the proposal will be forwarded to the Department of Planning and Environment for finalisation. 

How can I provide my feedback?

The community were invited to comment on the draft Planning Proposal (main document), DCP, supporting documentation and Planning Agreement between 23 October and 20 November 2023 via: 

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