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Narara Skate Park

Narara Skate Park

Narara Skate Park
Consultation for this project has now concluded.

Thank you to everyone who participated the first and second round of consultation for Narara Skate Park. Our specialist skate design consultant, Convic, has used your ideas and thoughts to formulate the final concept design for a district level skate park at Narara.

The final concept design is reflective of the potential users of Narara Skate Park. The final concept design also celebrates the cultural heritage of Narara, intertwining the Indigenous meaning for Narara, black snake, into the design of the skate park.

The community’s feedback played a strong role in helping shape the final concept plan which is now available to view. You are also invited to view the pre design consultation report

Next Steps

Council will now look to secure funding and move forward to deliver a built-for-purpose, safe and engaging skate park at Narara. We look forward to fulfilling our commitment to the community to provide and maintain quality sporting and recreation facilities to promote active and healthy lifestyles within our community.

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Final Concept Design Available for Viewing
Who's listening
Janice Dart - Recreation Officer

Why is Council investing in skate parks?

Council are investing in purpose built, safe and engaging skate parks and recreation areas because of the many community benefits they provide, in particular the promotion of active and healthy lifestyles, and to meet the growing popularity of skateboarding and scootering across widening age groups, genders and abilities.

What are the community benefits of having skating facilities?

  1. Provides a safe purpose-built environment for skateboarding – avoiding injury or death from collisions with pedestrians or motor vehicles.
  2. Reduces damage to private property – community areas will become a skate park if there isn’t a designated area, which results in damage to paintwork and structures and nuisance to businesses and residents
  3. Promote active and healthy activities, especially for youth  – research has shown that active youth are less likely to engage in risky behaviours such a drinking and smoking than their inactive peers.
  4. Numerous physical and mental health benefits to skateboarders that come with being active.
  5. Boosting tourism with additional recreation facilities that can attract regional and significant community skate events. 
  6. The facilities are designed to activate outdoor spaces with surrounding recreational areas designed attract young people and families congregate and to create connected communities

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Narara Skatepark
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