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Tourism Opportunities

Tourism Opportunities

Consultation for this project has now concluded.

The Central Coast is our home and offers us a beautiful backyard full of world class beaches, rural landscapes and scenic bushland. Council are keen to find ways we can share this whilst also protecting quality of life for our residents.

Central Coast Council is currently preparing two studies looking at tourism opportunities for our Coast: Eco and Rural Tourism and Recreational Vehicle (RV) Tourism.


Eco and Rural Tourism Opportunities Study

The Central Coast regions’ national parks, state forests, lakes, waterways, walkways, headlands, beaches and hinterland provide perfect opportunities for eco and rural experiences for residents and visitors, including agricultural tourism experiences and nature activities such as trails and soft adventure.

Investment in our agricultural and rural lands and changes to our management of these lands can help support our local producers and create new and exciting experiences that have not yet been fully explored. Food tourism, local artisans and nature and eco experiences are highlighted as drawcards for investment and development.

This study will look at the potential for Eco Tourism and Rural Tourism on the Central Coast including case studies, development scenarios and benefits to existing local tourism businesses.

Please note Council is currently working on a Mountain Biking feasibility study, and also recently completed a Region-wide Tourism Opportunity plan, which identified Mountain bike trails as an investment opportunity. We welcomed community feedback on the study and plan last year.

RV Tourism Feasibility Study

As COVID restrictions start to ease the NSW Government is promoting domestic travel, particularly within each State. Camping grounds have now reopened and we may start to see the return of RV Tourism.

RV Tourism is a Central Coast experience that has not yet been explored or developed. Having a strategy to manage RV Tourism is more likely to have favourable outcomes for the local community and for visitors.

The RV Tourism Feasibility Study will look at the potential for developing RV Tourism within our region,and will outline recommendations, insights and challenges around potential locations, infrastructure and benefits to local businesses.


We would like to hear your ideas on tourism and your suggestions on how Council can manage and facilitate these opportunities in a sustainable way.

You can complete our Eco and Rural Tourism Survey and our RV Tourism Survey until 5pm on Friday 26 June.

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