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Tunkuwallin Recreation Precinct Plan Development, Gwandalan
Consultation for this project has now concluded.

Phase 2 consultation

Phase 2 of consultation for Tunkwallin Recreation Precinct has now closed. Thank you for sharing your ideas by leaving a comment on the interactive map. Council will now work with Mara consulting to finalise the concept plans which will be presented back for the community to view. It is anticipated that improvements to the site will encourage social connections and provide further opportunities for the community to enjoy the outdoors.

What you told us

During the first stage of community consultation, you told us you would like to see better amenities, a new playspace and better vehicle access. 
We are very excited to show you how we have incorporated your feedback in designing the draft concept plans and see what you think.

Concept Plan – Option A highlights:
•    Parking at the front of the Hall
•    Overflow parking to the west of the courts
•    Combined playspace and skate park
•    Additional vehicle entry along the southern boundary.

Concept Plan – Option B highlights:
•    Separated playspace and skate park
•    Adventure play area
•    Relocation of vehicular access along the southern end of the Hall
•    Skate park moved closer to Kanangra Drive for improved passive surveillance.

Both options include an accessible entry to the hall, as well as new storage for sporting and user groups, district level playspace and a local stake park.


Phase 2: Community Consultation on Draft Precinct Plan

Community is invited to have their say on the draft Precinct Plan, by dropping a pin and leaving a comment on the interactive map.

Development of Final Precinct Plan

Community ideas and feedback are being used to shape the Final Precinct Plan.

Who's listening
Mara Consulting - Consultant
4965 4317

What is a precinct plan?

The co-location of recreational facilities in a single location, such as Tunkuwallin Oval, improves inclusion, activation and social engagement across age and cultural groups. A precinct plan is being developed to ensure Council considers the following competing factors when developing the plan: 

  • land size, 
  • existing uses and infrastructure,
  • potential future uses, 
  • proximity to residences, 
  • visual surveillance, 
  • pedestrian and vehicular access, 
  • parking, 
  • the inclusion of ancillary infrastructure, as well as
  • the environmental setting. 

What is the precinct plan aiming to deliver?

The Precinct Plan aims to deliver an overarching plan that enables Council to develop a high-quality recreational facility that will meet the needs of the local community and support a wide range of activities, users, ages and ability levels now and into the future.

Why is Council planning a redevelopment for Tunkuwallin Oval?

In 2019 Council resolved that a district level playspace will be provided for the community at Tunkuwallin Oval and has been listed as a project to be implemented within Council’s 2020/21 Capital Works Program. This is an opportunity for Council to have a look at the existing layout and consider all elements and functions of the facility when deciding where to locate the new playspace. 

Council has engaged a consultant to engage with the local community, undertake an analysis of the site and prepare the precinct plan. The precinct plan will then guide future redevelopment of the facility. 

How long until the precinct plan is completed?

There will be two phases of community consultation as part of the development of the precinct plan. Phase one includes the gathering of information from the community and stakeholders to enable development of the draft precinct plan. 

Once the draft precinct plan has been prepared, phase two will present the plan back to the community and stakeholders to provide an opportunity for comment prior to finalisation of the plan. 

It is anticipated that the precinct plan will be completed by August 2020.

What is a district level playspace?

Central Coast Council play spaces are divided into three levels; local, district and regional. A district level play space is larger in size, has a greater capacity and is intended to attract residents from across the Local Government Area (LGA). They typically include play equipment and activities to cater for a wider age group and people tend to stay for longer periods of time; 1-3 hours. District play spaces are accessible by public transport and are co-located with other facilities such as parking, toilets and shared paths.

When will the playspace design be available?

The design of the playspace is expected in late 2020.

What will the play space look like? Will the community have a say in the type of equipment installed?

The play space will incorporate play areas for both preschool (2-5 years) and primary school age children (6-12 years). Council has been consulting with the Rotary Club of Terrigal who have undertaken community research and helped inform Council’s decision making for the play space upgrade. The confirmed equipment includes a flying fox, swing set, giant swing, modular unit and nature play space.

Who is going to maintain the skate park, playspace and park furniture?

As land manager and asset owner, Council will maintain these facilities in the long term.

How can I have my say?

There are plenty of ways to get involved and help shape the plans for Tunkuwallin Oval. To find out more:

Email: OpenSpace.Projects@centralcoast.nsw.gov.au

Councils: You Voice Our Coast - https://www.yourvoiceourcoast.com/tunkuwallin-precinct-plan

Phone: 02 4965 4317

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