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Wallarah Point Peace Park

Wallarah Point Peace Park

Construction is now complete and the playspace is open to the community!

The Wallarah Point Peace Park playspace upgrade is now complete and ready for your enjoyment! 

A concept design was developed following community consultation in October 2019. The community were invited to complete a survey and to participate in an online forum with three topics.

You can find the final concept design and engagement results in the document library. 


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Project complete!

<p>Enjoy the new playspace!&nbsp;</p>


Why was the Wallarah Point Peace Park Playspace upgraded?

The old play equipment within the existing play space had reached the end of its functional life and no longer served its purpose for the local community.

Renewal of the playspace was required to ensure equipment complies with Australian Standards and to improve safety of the playspace. This upgrade improves functionality of the site and provides a renewed recreational asset for the local and broader community.

The playspace has been upgraded from a local to a district level.

What is a district level playspace?

Central Coast Council play spaces are divided into three levels; local, district and regional. A district level play space is larger in size, has a greater capacity and is intended to attract residents from across the Local Government Area (LGA). They typically include play equipment and activities to cater for a wider age group and people tend to stay for longer periods of time; 1-3 hours. District play spaces are accessible by public transport and are co-located with other facilities such as parking, toilets and shared paths.

What is planned for the dilapidated fish co-op building located within the Wallarah Point reserve?

The fish co-op building is located on Crown Land Reserve and is therefore the responsibility of NSW State Government Crown Lands. Council are in discussion with Crown Lands to appropriately manage this structure.

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