Central Coast Regional Animal Care Facility

Central Coast Regional Animal Care Facility

This project is now open for consultation.

Project information

Council developed a concept design for a proposed centrally located Regional Animal Care Facility at 253 Old Maitland Road, Mardi as the existing Erina and Charmhaven Animal Care Facilities are adequate but are aging.

The proposed site at 253 Old Maitland Road, Mardi has been identified as the preferred central location for a new Regional Animal Care Facility that will provide enough space for animal wellbeing, enrichment and exercise. The proposed facility will cater for the current animal holding requirements of the Charmhaven and Erina Animal Care Facilities, as well as considering the future needs of the entire Central Coast Local Government Area (LGA).

Concept design

Council sought feedback on the concept design to ensure the final design reflects the needs and values of our community. 

The proposed key features focus on increasing animal wellbeing and accessibility whilst incorporating an environmental focused and welcoming design:

  • Multiple enrichment and exercise zones for the animals
  • Kennels proposed to exceed standard Australian size requirements
  • Welcoming administration building
  • Modern cat enclosures, maximising natural light
  • Meet and greet areas for prospective adopters
  • Walking path for exercise and one on one trial walks
  • Public car park with disabled car space included in scope
  • Connected by accessible concrete pathways
  • Quick access to the M1 
  • Water tanks to utilise rainwater
  • Solar power for sustainability
  • Double kennels for bonded pairs and Mums and pups to be together
  • Separate entrance for seized or behavioural dogs for ease of transfer
  • Specialised ‘dog washroom’ to be used for dog washing and grooming
  • Microchipping rooms
  • Cat isolation enclosure (when quarantining for cat flu)  

Have your say

Council invited the community to share their thoughts, ideas and feedback on the proposed site and the concept design, which will inform future decision-making for the project. You can participate in the community consultation between 1 February and 13 March 2023 by:


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Who's listening

Who's listening
Environment and Planning

What is an Animal Care Facility?

An Animal Care Facility receives impounded and surrendered animals while promoting adoption, microchipping, registration and desexing of companion animals.

Where can I find out more about Animal Care Facilities on the Coast?

The Central Coast has two Animal Care Facilities located in Charmhaven and Erina which are managed and operated by Council’s contractor, SoCares. Council works closely with SoCares, who currently run both of the Central Coast’s Animal Care Facilities, to reunite lost pets with their owners and find surrendered pets a new home.

What is the Regional Animal Care Facility Project?

Council currently provides the community with Animal Care Facilities at both Erina and Charmhaven. As the existing facilities are aging, Council is proposing a new combined and centrally located Animal Care Facility at 253 Old Maitland Road, Mardi. Council has developed a concept design for the proposed facility that will cater for the current animal holding requirements of both Charmhaven and Erina, as well as considering future needs across the entire Central Coast. This is important considering population growth and the high rate of companion animal ownership across the region.

How was the proposed location selected?

With the Central Coast’s growing population, impounding requirements for the Central Coast is expected to grow by 20% by 2036.

The current Erina and Charmhaven Animal Care Facility locations are both of insufficient area to accommodate the required floor space for growth in animal holding capacity projections.

A feasibility study was conducted in 2019 which investigated options for animal holding on the Central Coast and site requirements for a potential new facility.

The assessment outlined a requirement of a centrally located, Council owned site that was close to the M1 motorway, safely accessible by car, away from high density residential areas, with a minimum land size of 5,200 sqm. Council identified 253 Old Maitland Road, Mardi as meeting the above criteria as well as providing enough space for wellbeing via enrichment and exercise zones for the animals.

How can I learn more about Responsible Pet Ownership?

The Central Coast has some of the highest rates of dog ownership and our animal care facilities play an important role in supporting responsible pet ownership by reuniting lost pets with their owners and supporting the adoption of surrendered pets. Read more about Responsible Pet Ownership and check out the Responsible Pet Ownership Guide.

What will happen to the Erina and Charmhaven locations?

The Regional Animal Care Facility is proposed to replace the two existing facilities whilst still providing adequate space to support the needs of our growing four-legged population.  

How much will it cost and how will it be funded?

A recent evaluation of the whole of project costs have estimated the total cost to be approximately $16m.  The funding is outlined in Council’s capital works program over the next 3 years and Council will monitor for potential funding opportunities that may help to subsidise the cost of the project. 

Will there be a crematorium onsite?

 No. There are no plans for a crematorium to be built onsite.

I am concerned about construction and ongoing animal noise...

An acoustic assessment of the proposed facility will take place in 2023 as part of the required environmental impact studies to assess any noise impact on surrounding residents. If the project is to move from concept to construction, surrounding residents will be consulted and advised of the expected construction periods in advance..

How will my feedback be used?

All community feedback provided during the consultation period will be analysed and used to inform the final decision-making process for this project.

How can I have my say?

The community were invited to explore the concept design and share their comments, priorities and preferences for the facility between 1 February and 13 March 2023.

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