Local character – Toukley, Canton Beach, Noraville and Norah Head

Local character – Toukley, Canton Beach, Noraville and Norah Head

Consultation on this project has now concluded.

Project overview

Central Coast Council invited the community to provide their feedback on what makes up the unique character of Toukley, Canton Beach, Noraville and Norah Head, as part of developing local character statements for these suburbs. 

Local character statements are being developed by Council in line with NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment guidelines and will be incorporated into local development controls. 

As Toukley, Canton Beach, Noraville and Norah Head continue to grow and evolve, Council wants to ensure local character remains at the forefront of any planning decisions and that the community is represented in the decision-making process. 

The information collected during the consultation period will directly contribute to the development of local character statements which will influence future planning decisions. 

Have your say 

The community were provided with a unique opportunity to shape their local area by telling Council what they like, value and what can be improved. All feedback will be considered and community preferences will be integral to the writing of the local character statements for the Toukley Social Planning District.

The community were invited to: 

The community are part of the team that shapes the future of the Toukley Social Planning District.

Something you need to know: Under the Government Information (Public Access) Act, 2009 (GIPA ACT), members of the public can seek access to the feedback and council cannot give assurance that this will remain confidential.

Consultation results 

A consultation report for the feedback received during the community engagement activities is now available - click here to view

The feedback provided will be used to inform the development of Character Statements for Toukley Town Centre, Canton Beach, Noraville and Norah Head. 


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Development of draft local character statements

Who's listening

Who's listening
Peta James – Senior Strategic Planner
Tania Halbert – Senior Urban Designer

What is local character?

‘Local Character’ is a neighbourhood’s unique identity, what makes it special. It is a combination of the landscape, people, built environment, history, culture and tradition, and looks at how these factors interact to create the character of an area.

Places which have a strong local character are likely to be more sustainable, desirable, liveable and attract more investment.

Visit the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment’s website to learn more.

What is a Local Character Statement?

It is a document that describes the existing and desired future character of an area. It reflects the community’s preferences for how an area could develop over time while retaining its unique character. 

Why are character statements important?

Local character statements outline the desired future character of an area. They are based on community input and will inform the objectives, standards and local planning controls that guide future development. 

If we understand what people value about the area, then the architects, urban designers, planners and place-makers can better identify future plans that meet community aspirations.

How will character statements benefit the local community?

The character statements will inform future planning decisions and development assessments. They will help to create places where people are proud to live, work and play.

They also help to shape the way the area accommodates a growing population, while still maintaining the essence of what people value about the area.

What suburbs are included in the Toukley Social Planning District?

Toukley, Canton Beach, Noraville and Norah Head are all within the Toukley Social Planning District which is one of 17 social planning districts across the Central Coast Council area. 

Social planning districts allow Council to plan for a group of suburbs with natural, built environment and social similarities.

How could I have my say on the development of the Toukley Social Planning District Character Statements? 

The community were invited to have their say between 6 December 2021 and 9 February 2022. This could be done by: 

  • Completing the online survey (now closed)
  • Visiting us in person at the following locations: 
    • Saturday 5 February
      9am-12pm – Toukley Village Green and outside Coles 
      1pm-4pm – Main Road, Toukley and Toukley Library 
    • Sunday 6 February 
      9am-12pm – Young Street Reserve, Norah Head 
      1pm-4pm Soldiers Beach Surf Life Saving Club 

Focus groups were also hosted in February 2022. 

A consultation report detailing everything Council heard throughout the consultation is available here.

What sort of feedback was Council looking for?

Council sought feedback on a range of different features and values that make up the unique character of the Toukley Social Planning District.

These could of included your thoughts on green space, housing density, arts and culture, shopping areas, recreation, scenic views, tree coverage, and other issues.

We were keen to hear what you like or don’t like about the area.

We’d also sought information on what you thought might be missing in your area, or what things could be improved in the future.

Why is community consultation important to inform the character statements?

As Toukley, Canton Beach, Noraville and Norah Head continue to grow and evolve, Council wants to ensure local character remains at the forefront of any planning decisions. 

This approach, in line with NSW Government policies, gives the community a greater say about what it values in its neighbourhood what it believes could be improved. 

What happens to feedback received by Council?

Council will review all comments received and use these to prepare draft local character statements for the area. These draft statements will be publicly exhibited for the community to provide further feedback. 

Once adopted by Council, the local character statements will inform the area’s strategic planning directions and development controls to guide future development. 

I’ve provided feedback to Council before. Will Council really listen to what I say? 

Yes, your feedback and participation is important and will be used to help develop the local character statements. 

It is important the statements reflect community views – about what they value in the area, what could be improved, and what other opportunities might be available. 

Character statements will then be used to inform local planning and decision making. 

Previous community consultation in the area has resulted in direct actions by Council, including upgrade works on the Toukley Village Green. 

Will we see the consultation feedback received by Council?

Yes, a consultation report detailing the feedback received is now available. 

Will Council develop local character statements for other areas?

Yes. Council has resolved to develop more character statements for the northern area of the Central Coast, similar to those developed several years ago for the southern areas. 

All new character statements will be developed in accordance with the Department of Planning Industry and Environment guidelines.

Where's it happening?

Toukley Social Planning District

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