Draft Central Coast Conservation Fund Policy

Draft Central Coast Conservation Fund Policy

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Council  prepared a Draft Central Coast Conservation Fund Policy to set up a fund that Council can use for projects to protect and manage nature and biodiversity across the whole Local Government Area, consistent with the Biodiversity Strategy (2020). The Fund will provide financial support in Council’s management and conservation of the Central Coast’s natural environment.

To do so, the Central Coast Conservation Fund is proposed to only be utilised for the following purposes:

  • purchase, acquisition, or transfer of environmental land for the purpose of biodiversity conservation, the protection of wildlife corridors and landscape connectivity
  • reasonable ancillary costs associated with the above purposes
  • improvement, embellishment, rehabilitation, and management of environmental lands for the purpose of biodiversity conservation
  • costs associated with legal protection of environmental lands; and,
  • administration of the conservation fund.

The Central Coast is home to beautiful and diverse environmental landscapes and wildlife and Council strives to identify appropriate ways for preservation. The Draft Central Coast Conservation Fund Policy looks to enhance long-term protection of environmental land through the establishment and operation of a conservation fund to support this initiative.

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The community was invited to provide feedback on the Draft Central Coast Conservation Fund Policy between Wednesday 24 May and Tuesday 4 July via:

  • an online submission form
  • email 
  • post

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Who's listening

Who's listening
Rochelle Lawson, Senior Ecologist, Natural Assets & Biodiversity


Why do we need a Conservation Fund Policy?

Council has prepared a Draft Conservation Fund Policy to set guidelines and appropriate accounting procedures for the operation of a designated pool of funds reserved to fulfill the objectives of Council’s Biodiversity Strategy (2020). This will ensure that Council has the necessary financial structure to support the management and conservation of the Central Coast’s environment.

What is the Davistown Wetlands Acquisition Funds?

Council resolved on 13 April 2021 to discontinue negotiations to purchase land known as the Davistown Wetlands, in Davistown. The internally restricted funds held for the purpose of purchasing the land for environmental purposes is known as the Davistown Wetlands Acquisition Fund. The fund had a balance of $1,436,039 as of 21 October 2022.

Why is this policy being proposed now?

The policy has been in draft since the Biodiversity Strategy was in preparation and awaiting adoption by Council. Its finalisation was delayed by the financial crisis in 2020 and internal work on other related policies in parallel with this one.

Will this policy affect the existing pools of funds collected through bonus provisions in the Coastal Open Space System Fund and the Wyong Conservation Fund?

Former Gosford City Council and former Wyong Shire Council established similar funds under the Local Environmental Plans at the time. The money available in these funds will continue to be apportioned and spent within the corresponding geographical areas for the purpose for which they were received. In other words, those two funds will remain unaffected by the establishment of the Central Coast Conservation Fund. Future bonus lot provision payments would be made to the Central Coast Conservation Fund, rather than to either of the former Council funds.

Can I contribute money to the fund?

Yes. It is intended that donations to the Fund will be tax deductible and will go towards practical biodiversity management actions on the Central Coast. Following establishment of the Fund, Council will apply for its tax deductibility status.

What influence does my feedback have on the policy?

All feedback was considered by the project team. Any relevant feedback that will improve the policy’s purpose in setting necessary guidelines and appropriate accounting procedures will help in the refinement of the draft policy.

How can I have my say?

Submissions were made between Wednesday 24 May and Tuesday 4 July via:

  • the online submission form (preferred)
  • email – ask@centralcoast.nsw.gov.au
  • post: PO Box 20, Wyong NSW 2259 addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, Mr David Farmer.

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