Amendments to Planning Controls at Warnervale Road and Virginia Road, Warnervale (Precinct 7)

Amendments to Planning Controls at Warnervale Road and Virginia Road, Warnervale (Precinct 7)

This public exhibition has now concluded.

Between 18 May and 15 June 2020 Central Coast Council exhibited a Planning Proposal and Draft Development Control Plan relating to land at Warnervale known as Precinct 7.

The proposal involved changes to the following parcels of land in Precinct 7: Lot 1 DP 385242, Lots 1, 2 and 3 DP 1101086 and Lots 73, 74, 75 and 76 DP 7091,15-35 Warnervale Road and Part 95-105 and 107-171 Virginia Road, Warnervale.

The Planning Proposal & DCP sought to amend the existing planning controls to allow a mixture of housing types from single dwellings to medium density housing, providing greater housing diversity in the Warnervale area. The proposed changes also include adjustment to zone boundaries for land zoned residential, open space and environmental management.

Submissions were accepted via: 

Central Coast Council is authorised to exercise the functions of the Minister for Planning under Division 3.4 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (making of the plan) that are delegated to it by instrument of delegation dated 17 October 2017, in relation to the planning proposal.

In exercising the Minister’s functions under Division 3.4, the Council must comply with the Department of Planning and Environment’s “A guide to preparing local environmental plans” and “A guide to preparing planning proposals”.

Your attention is drawn to the provisions of the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 which allows for possible access to certain public and personal documentation.


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Shannon Turkingtom - Senior Strategic Planner

Why are these changes required?

Land at Warnervale was previously rezoned in 2013 to allow development of the land for residential, employment, commercial environmental and recreational purposes. The final masterplan for this land has been completed which propose some changes to the original planning controls within Precinct 7. A new planning proposal is required to implement these changes.

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