Masterplan for Norah Head Village: Implementation
Consultation for this project has now concluded.

Consultation on Phase 1 has concluded. The results of the consultation can be found in the Document Library.

Work on the implementation of Norah Head Village Masterplan is progressing with the following Phase 1 projects:

  • a shared pathway and footpath along Bungary Rd from Victoria Street to Wilfred Barrett Drive
  • street plantings, parking improvements and kerb and guttering works for Bungary Road
  • pedestrian links between the Village Centre and Mazlin Reserve
  • upgrade of Mazlin Reserve including new amenities, playspace, pathways and landscaping

Concept drawings for parking improvements and pedestrian links between the Village Centre and Mazlin Reserve have been completed and  designs for Mazlin Reserve are currently being finalised.

Construction has begun on stage one of the footpath located on the western side of Bungary Road between Victoria Street and Maitland Drive.
Council has contacted property owners regarding the design and construction of a 3m shared pathway on the eastern side of Bungary Road between Victoria Street and Maitland Drive, with works expected to commence in April 2019.

The new amenities block in Mazlin Reserve opposite the Norah Head Community Hall has been built and was completed in June 2019.


Council formally adopted the Norah Head Village Centre Masterplan on 18 December 2017. The detailed implementation plan includes 51 projects, within the eight project areas. These have been assessed as low, moderate or high priority based on the feedback of stakeholders.

Council commenced the preparation of a Masterplan for the Village Centre of Norah Head in March 2016.

The aim of the Masterplan was to develop a vision, framework and action plan to address identified community and environmental planning issues within the Village Centre.

The key locations of the Study Area include the Village Centre, Cabbage Tree Bay, Rock Pool, Boat ramp, Mazlin Reserve, Sportsground, Bush Street Reserve and Young Street Reserve.

Key objectives of the Masterplan are:

  • Strengthen the Village Centre and reinforce the role of Mitchell St as a hub.
  • Encourage safe pedestrian movements throughout Norah Head.
  • Create safe and legible cycling connections throughout the Study Area.
  • Incorporate legible and consistent signage throughout Norah Head to assist in way finding and promotion of attractions and events.
  • Enhance existing open space and streetscape improvements.
  • Identify and strengthen significant visual links throughout the Study Area.
  • Investigate traffic management options and explore opportunities to improve car parking in the Village centre.
  • Improve connectivity and way finding to key attractions.
  • Create opportunities to interpret the rich history and heritage of the area.

The preparation of the Masterplan involved extensive engagement with key stakeholders and the community. A number of internal staff workshops were undertaken along with one-on-one meetings with external stakeholders.

Two community workshops were held during preparation of the Masterplan with over 50 community members providing feedback on the concepts and key projects proposed in the draft plan. The key projects were subsequently amended to reflect community feedback received.

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Phase 1 Implementation

Will Council consult the community on the design of Mazlin Reserve?

A preliminary concept plan will be available  on 28 February, however you can tell us your ideas and suggestions now on our interactive map.  All comments will be collated and used to develop a final concept design, which will be provided to the community for comment.

How will Council improve pedestrian safety and access between the Village Centre and Mazlin Reserve?

Construction of a raised threshold at the intersection of Bungary Road and Mitchell Street with marked pedestrian crossings will provide traffic calming and improve pedestrian access between the Village Centre and Mazlin Reserve.

What is the Norah Head Village Masterplan?

The Norah Head Village Masterplan provides a framework to address issues within the Village Centre including linkages, car parking, streetscapes, pathways, signage, furniture, lighting and landscaping. The masterplan examines opportunities to increase pedestrian activity, encourage greater utilisation of public open space and recreation facilities, provide appropriate public domain improvements, and enhance the areas distinctive character.

When will we see anything start to happen around Norah Head as aresult of the plan?

The masterplan is a long-term plan intended to be implemented over 10-15 years. The timeframe in which the improvements will be commenced will be assessed based on priority, proposed cost and available funding. Three timeframes are likely to be identified for implementing masterplan actions and recommendations – short term (0 to 2 years), medium term (5 to 10 years), long term (10+) years.

When will the new accessible amenities block at Mazlin Reserve be open?

The new accessible amenities block is expected to open in July 2019.

When will Stage 1 of the shared pathway be completed?

Stage 1 of the shared pathway will be constructed on the eastern side of Bungary Road between Victoria Street and Maitland Street. Works are expected to be completed by June 2019.

When will Stage 2 and 3 of the shared pathway be completed?

Stage 2 of the shared pathway will be constructed on the eastern side of Bungary Road between Maitland and Macquarie Streets. Works are expected to be completed by June 2020.

Stage 3 of the shared pathway is proposed for the eastern side of Bungary Road between Macquarie Street and Wilfred Barrett Drive. Works are subject to ongoing funding and approval by the Council.

Will there be disabled parking spaces included in the formalised parking along Bungary Road and Mitchell Street?


Will the new formalised parking spaces along Bungary Road and Mitchell Street be time-limited parking?


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