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In October 2023, Council exhibited an amendment to a Planning Agreement relating to land at Narara Eco Village. The Planning Agreement sought to dedicate approximately 10ha of C2 Environmental Conservation land to be part of the Central Coast Open Space System.

Since exhibition of this amendment, the Stage 2 subdivision at Narara Eco Village has been registered and the eco-village co-operative’s obligations as the developer under the Planning Agreement have been referenced on the land title of the new lots created on registration. Rather than burdening multiple new landowners of the Stage 2 lots with Planning Agreement obligations on their land title (which are to be fulfilled by the co-operative), it is therefore proposed to remove the obligations of the Planning Agreement from the new Stage 2 lots in recognition that it is still applied to other land owned by the co-operative. No other changes are proposed to the Planning Agreement.

The Deed of Amendment was exhibited between 9 February and 8 March 2024 at:

•    Our Wyong Office: 2 Hely Street, Wyong 
•    On this page

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