This public exhibition has now concluded.

A Planning Proposal has been prepared for 137-145 Bakali Road and 925-993 The Entrance Road (Central Coast Highway), Forresters Beach.

The Planning Proposal proposes to rezone the land from; 7(c2) Rural Small Holdings and 7(a) Conservation (under Interim Development Order No 122) to; R2 Low Density Residential, C2 Environmental Conservation and RE1 Public Recreation (under Gosford Local Environmental Plan 2014 or Central Coast Local Environmental Plan, whichever is in effect at the time).

The draft Development Control Plan chapter relating to the above land proposes to guide future development of the land in terms of overland flow, stormwater management, traffic management and environmental protection. This chapter will amend the Gosford Development Control Plan 2013 or the Central Coast Development Control Plan, whichever is in effect at the time. 

The draft Planning Agreement relates to 139 Bakali Road and 985 – 991 The Entrance Road and sets out that the owner agrees to dedicate land for a public park, undertake certain roadworks and undertake works for the protection of the existing vegetation.

The Planning Proposal and other relevant supporting documentation was exhibited between 27 May 2022 and 5pm 24 June 2022 at:

  • Wyong Office: 2 Hely Street, Wyong (subject to COVID restrictions) 
  • On this page

The community are invited to view the Draft Planning Proposal (main document) and supporting documentation available in the document library on this page. 

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Submissions were to be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, Mr David Farmer by 5pm 24 June 2022 via: 

Central Coast Council is authorised to exercise the functions of the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces under section 3.36 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (making of the plan) that are delegated to it by the Gateway Determination dated 20 October 2021, in relation to the planning proposal.

Your attention is drawn to the provisions of the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 which allows for possible access to certain public and personal documentation. View our privacy statement.

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24 June 2022 - Public exhibition closes

<p>24 June 2022 - Public exhibition closes</p>


Who's listening

Who's listening
Bruce Ronan – Strategic Planner

What is the purpose of the Planning Proposal?

The land is located on the urban fringe. It is proposed to zone generally cleared land to R2 Low Density Residential, wetland vegetation to C2 Environmental Conservation and land proposed to be dedicated as a public park to RE1 Public Recreation.

What are the proposed planning controls for the site?

Besides zoning, the Planning Proposal includes other mapping layers relating to such matters as building height and minimum lot size.

Additional controls are set out in the site-specific draft Development Control Plan chapter also on exhibition. This chapter needs to read in conjunction with other relevant chapters of the Development Control Plan for any future development.

The accompanying draft Planning Agreement also sets out that the owner of 139 Bakali Road and 985-991 The Entrance Road, Forresters Beach agrees to dedicate land for a public park, undertake roadworks and undertake works for the protection of existing vegetation.

What residential development is proposed for the site?

The development proposed for the site is a standard residential subdivision, subject to consent. 

Is there a community benefit from the Planning Proposal?

The Planning Proposal will benefit the community through the dedication of land to Council for a public park and conservation of the wetland vegetation.

How will the land be dedicated to Council?

The land will be dedicated at the subdivision stage in accordance with the Planning Agreement.

What happens after the public exhibition period?

Central Coast Council will consider any submissions made during the public exhibition period at a future Council Meeting and will review the Planning Proposal, Development Control Plan and Planning Agreement. 

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