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The iconic rocket ship at Lions Park, Long Jetty is undergoing essential renovation works to ensure it can continue to be enjoyed by local residents and visitors to the Coast for many years to come.

The rocket ship will be temporarily relocated for maintenance and repair in March, with the park to remain open to the public while the repairs are being carried out off-site.

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While the rocket is being repaired, we are seeking input from the community on their preferences for its appearance when it is safely returned to Lions Park in June.

Cast your vote for your preferred option via the green button below:

  • Option 1: will be essential repairs only with the rocket ship retaining its classic look.
  • Option 2: allows for the top portion of the structure to re-open to the public for the first time in years, with the addition of an extra slide to bring it up to current safety standards.

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8 March - voting opens

Who's listening

Who's listening
Open Space and Recreation Team

Why is the rocket ship blasting off?

The rocket ship will be moved offsite in order for essential works to be carried out to meet current Australian Standards. The rocket ship will be removed in March and returned in June.

What essential repairs are taking place?

The rocket ship is a Central Coast icon and Council’s priority is to conserve the structure by carrying our essential repair works to allow it to remain an important part of the community use for generations to come.

This will include replacing metal sections that has reached the end of its life, removing rust and painting the rocket in its original colours. Additional works to be undertaken to ensure the rocketship is compliant includes redesign on entry and access points, upgrade existing slide and additional external steel flat bar to mitigate potential entrapments.

These essential works must occur to ensure that the rocket ship can meet the high safety standards that Australians expect and deserve. 

How long will the works take to complete?

The work will take approximately 8 weeks to complete and the rocketship will be ready for play by June 2023.

What can the community vote on?

While the rocket ship is offsite, we are asking the community what they would like it to look like when it is safely returned to Lions Park.

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Will Lions Park remain open?

Lions Park will remain open to the public, apart from the days which crews must access the site and remove and then return the rocket ship structure. The site will be closed during this time.

Safety is exceptionally important for Council and we are required to meet the high safety standards under Australian law.

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