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Help shape how we manage one of our most important natural and recreational assets

Central Coast Council sought Expression of Interest applications from people who live or work on the Central Coast and are passionate about Tuggerah Lakes to become part of a Community Focus Group to be involved in the development of the Tuggerah Lakes Options Paper and ensure that it accurately represents community values.  

The Community Focus Group will have the opportunity to participate in a joint fact-finding and co-learning process to foster greater understanding as we take a deep dive into entrance management and explore the issues, options and challenges through multiple lenses. 

The project forms part of Stage 2 of the broader Tuggerah Lakes Coastal Management Program and the findings will directly inform subsequent development of a holistic Entrance Management Strategy during Stage 3 to guide entrance management in the longer term. 

We wanted to hear from individuals who: 

  • live or work on the Central Coast.
  • are interested and passionate about Tuggerah Lakes.
  • are willing to participate in a cooperative and mutually respectful manner as we explore the issues, challenges and options through multiple lenses 

The community were invited to: 

Expressions of Interest applications were open from 11 November until 5pm Friday 2 December 2022. 

Are you passionate about Tuggerah Lakes but don’t have time to spare for the Community Focus Group? 

We have developed a survey to help us better understand how you value, use and interact with the entrance to Tuggerah Lakes and the surrounding foreshore areas - now closed. 

Central Coast Council is completing this project with financial assistance from the NSW Government through its Coastal and Estuary Grants Program. The information and documents on this page do not necessarily represent the opinions of the NSW Government or the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment.

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Who's listening

Who's listening
Nick Tarasenko, Coastal Management Officer

What are Coastal Management Programs?

Coastal Management Programs (CMPs) set the long-term strategy for the coordinated management of the coast, with a focus on achieving the objects and objectives of the Coastal Management Act 2016 (CM Act).

CMPs identify coastal management issues and the actions required to address these issues in a strategic and integrated way.

CMPs detail how and when those actions are to be implemented, their costs and proposed cost-sharing arrangements and other viable funding mechanisms.

The CM Act (and other relevant legislation) establishes specific roles and responsibilities for relevant Ministers, the NSW Coastal Council, public authorities and local councils, as well as providing opportunities for communities to participate when preparing and implementing a CMP.

More information on Coastal Management Programs is available here.

What is the Tuggerah Lakes Option Paper?

Entrance management is typically a key focus area for the community and having clear and implementable strategies to manage the entrance channel in the short, medium and long term is a priority of the CMP.  

The development of the Tuggerah Lakes Entrance Options Paper during Stage 2 of the Tuggerah Lakes CMP offers an opportunity to engage with the community in a way which supports respectful two-way conversations, exploration of issues and options and guides future management of the entrance channel in an achievable and evidence-based manner. 

The project will consider the natural coastal processes at play within the channel compartment and the estuary and the effect of various intervention measures on those processes. It will also specifically identify and assess the environmental, social, economic and community values of the entrance channel and the estuary more broadly, in order to explore and validate future management options.

The information gathered from the technical assessments will facilitate development of the Options Paper, which will clearly communicate the various management options available in the short, medium and long-term, along with their corresponding benefits and/or impacts.  

What is the Community Focus Group (CFG)?

The community Focus Group will be made up of people who live or work on the Central Coast, are passionate about Tuggerah Lakes and who can provide input that will ensure that the project and broader Coastal Management Program accurately represents community values. 

The CFG will be involved throughout the project and will be guided by qualified and experienced professionals who have been engaged by Council as we undertake a joint fact-finding and co-learning process to foster greater understanding and explore management challenges through multiple lenses. 

What are the Role and Responsibilities of the CFG?

The role of the CFG is to provide a forum for community representatives to be involved in the project on an ongoing basis and facilitate the opportunity for sharing opinions, ideas and concerns to support joint learning and exploration of the issues around entrance management. 

The purpose of the CFG is to bring together intelligent, interested and inquisitive minds to ensure that engagement is undertaken in a highly collaborative manner and community attitudes and values are listened to and represented accurately in the study.  

The CFG is responsible for:

  • Being local community advocates and representing the wider community’s views and perspective
  • Participating and contributing feedback and opinions during workshops in a mutually respectful manner

The contribution of the CFG members will ensure that the community’s concerns, ideas and hopes are considered in development of the Options Paper.   

The CFG has no authority to make decisions on behalf of the Council nor does it have authority to direct Council staff or speak on Council’s behalf. 

What is the eligibility criteria for the CFG?

To be eligible to be a member of the CFG applicants will:

  • Live or work on the Central Coast
  • Be available to attend meetings face to face as per schedule and location included in this document or via online, pending COVID-19 NSW Public Health Orders and availability of staff/consultants 
  • Submit a completed EOI form by the closing deadline
  • Accept and abide by the Terms of Reference for the CFG attached to this EOI request
  • All CFG Members are required to comply with Central Coast Council Policies including Code of Conduct and Workplace Health and Safety, including compliance with confidentiality and appropriate behaviour
  • Should a member decide that they would like to run for Council, they must advise Council staff as soon as possible and resign from the CFG with immediate effect
  • Not be a member of Federal or State government, or a former Councillor of Central Coast Council (as the group is Community, not political)

Will members of the CFG be paid?

Membership of the CFG is unpaid and voluntary. 

What is the meeting schedule for the CFG and where will meetings be located?  

  • 14 December 2022 6pm - 8pm Wyong Office, 2 Hely St Wyong
  • 1 February 2023 6pm - 8pm Wyong Office, 2 Hely St Wyong
  • 22 February 6pm - 8pm Wyong Office, 2 Hely St Wyong

What happens next?

The technical assessments and Options Paper developed during this project will assist in identifying the preferred option/s and directly inform the subsequent development of a holistic Tuggerah Lakes Entrance Management Strategy during Stage 3 of the Tuggerah Lakes CMP that will guide entrance management in the longer term. 

How else can I get involved?

There will be other opportunities to contribute to this project and other studies during development of the Tuggerah Lakes Coastal Management Program so make sure you register your interest here.  

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