Streets as Shared Spaces: The Esplanade, Umina Beach

Streets as Shared Spaces: The Esplanade, Umina Beach

Consultation for this project has now concluded.

Project overview

Council has received a grant funding amount of $327,528 to implement a shared zone at The Esplanade, Umina Beach.  This project was developed after numerous requests to slow traffic and improve pedestrian safety along The Esplanade between Ocean Beach Road and Trafalgar Avenue. 

This project is proudly funded by the NSW Government under the Streets as Shared Spaces program. The Streets as Shared Spaces program provides one-off grant funding to support local councils to test and pilot new and innovative ideas for streets as safe, shared public spaces. 

Council has recently developed a concept design for this project which includes traffic calming measures and streetscape improvements to enhance the amenity for the many users of this area. Council is taking this opportunity to provide the community with an enhanced amenity which includes elements such as pavement stencilling and artwork, seating, landscaping, signage and related infrastructure. Regulatory signage and pavement markings will be included. 

The aim of this project is to provide a safer environment for all users with a focus on a pedestrian priority.

The Esplanade is currently widely used by motorists and pedestrians, including cyclists, with an effort being made to remove non-essential vehicle travel through the laneway to increase safety for pedestrians and cyclists.  Vehicular access will not be removed; however, a lower speed limit of 10km/h will apply whilst travelling through this area.

Have your say

To ensure this new shared zone reflects what current and future users want to see we invited the community to place their comments on our interactive concept plans between 29 March and 26 April 2021.


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Construction commenced

Who's listening

Who's listening
Scott Stapleton, Team Leader Traffic
What is a shared zone?

A Shared Zone is a road or network of roads where the road space is shared safely by vehicles and pedestrians. The maximum speed limit is always 10 km/h. There may be no road lines, kerb or gutter in a Shared Zone to show that pedestrians and vehicles are equal. Drivers must give way to pedestrians at all times. Vehicles can only stop in a Shared Zone if they obey the parking signs and park in marked bays, if they are provided. Drivers travelling at a lower speed are better able to control their vehicles and safely avoid impact with other road users

Where is the shared zone being installed?

The shared zone is being implemented along The Esplanade, Umina Beach between Ocean Beach Road and Trafalgar Avenue.

Given’s Council’s current financial situation, why is this project going ahead?

This project is fully grant funded by the NSW Government under the Streets as Shared Spaces Program. 

What are the benefits of this project?

This project will make it safer and easier for pedestrians and cyclists to move around and access this section of The Esplanade and deter non-essential vehicle movements from using the laneway. It will see improved amenity of the area and streetscape improvements around The Esplanade while ensuring access for residents is maintained.

When will the works occur?

Construction is anticipated to start in May 2021 and is anticipated to be completed by the start of September 2021.

How is the project being funded?

This project is proudly funded by the NSW Government under the Streets as Shared Spaces program. 

How will this project improve safety for pedestrians?

This section of The Esplanade will have a 10 km/h speed limit. Motorists and pedestrians will share the space and be required to respect all users of The Esplanade. Traffic calming devices and signage are being implemented to encourage vehicle users to travel at a lower speed. 

Has consideration been given to residents in this area?

Council is conscious of making sure there is minimal disturbance to residents in this area. Streetscape elements have be carefully designed to minimise impact on adjoining property owners. By undertaking this consultation, we are allowing interested community members to have their say on the proposed design. Access to private properties will not be restricted.

Where's it happening?

The Esplanade, Umina Beach

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