Winney Bay clifftop walk - phase 2

Winney Bay Cliff Top Walk - Phase 2

Winney Bay Cliff Top Walk - Phase 2
Now open for consultation.

Following the outcomes of the 2018 community consultation for the Winney Bay Clifftop Walk, Council resolved that three new concept plans for the clifftop walk known as A, B and C be developed, as well as four new concept designs for the upgrade of Captain Cook Lookout. 

Green Light Design Group was engaged to develop the concept plans and associated community consultation to ensure the designs for the clifftop reflect what the community want to see. 

The concept designs, three for Winney Bay clifftop walk (known as Plan a, b and c) and four for Captain Cook Lookout (known as Plan Ci, Cii, Ciii and Civ) are now available. 
These concepts include four key components of which Council are seeking your input into. The components are: 

  • New stairs and ramps to Captain Cook Lookout
  • Replacement of Captain Cook Lookout balustrade
  • Carpark upgrade
  • Winney Bay clifftop walk – stage two (connecting the car park to the completed section of concrete stairs) 

You can view a video of the new Winney Bay clifftop walk concept plan options below. 

Council is undertaking this engagement activity to ensure it has a consensus on the design before seeking funding in the future.

How can I get involved? 

You are invited to: 

Got a question? 

Feedback will be accepted until 15 December 2020. 


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What are the next steps for the phase two concept plans? 

Following community consultation a report to council will be prepared and recommendations on which concept option is preferred. The recommended concept options> will then be placed on public exhibition where the community will be asked for their feedback once again. 

Is the construction of either of the concept options funded? 


Why is Council proceeding with this project given the current financial situation? 

Council is undertaking this engagement activity to ensure it has a consensus on the design before seeking funding in the future.

Will the results of this community consultation be used to attract Grant Funding? 


Were people of Aboriginal descent consulted on this project?

Yes, meetings were held with the Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Land Council and Aboriginal representatives on the 5 Lands Walk committee during the original design phase. It is from these meetings that the concept of the whale theme was developed. An Archaeological assessment of the site has been undertaken with Registered Aboriginal Parties involved in the assessment. Once a basic design is selected, the Aboriginal community will be consulted on the finer details of the design such as incorporated and standalone artwork and interpretive signage. 

Will native vegetation be impacted by the proposed works?

Yes, there will be some impact to native vegetation as a result of the works however the extent of the impact will vary depending on the option selected for the four key components. The majority of the vegetation associated with the Cliff Top Walk stage 2 is bitou bush (Chrysanthemoides monilifera) which is native to South Africa and considered a weed of National Significance. 

Will weed removal and bushland management be part of the project?

Some removal of weeds along the alignment of the walking track will occur due to the extent of weeds on the headland however no additional weed removal will form part of this proposal. Council has committed to the remediation of the native vegetation within Winney Bay Reserve and will continue to do so. 

Will trees need to be removed?

Yes, tree removal will occur to allow the construction of the walking track, paths and ramps. The number of trees requiring removal will vary depending on the option selected by the community. The approximate number of trees requiring removal for each option is listed below.
Option A –  60 to 70 Small Trees
Option B – 50 to 60 Small Trees
Option C – 40 to 50 Small Trees
Option C(i) –  40 to 50 Small Trees
Option C(ii) –  40 to 50 Small Trees
Option C(iii) – 40 to 50 Small Trees
Option C(iv) – 1 to 5 Small Trees

Will the trees be replanted? 

Yes. As part of the proposed construction and vegetation works native seeds will be collected from the vegetation found in Winney Bay. These seeds will be grown in Council’s nursery and replanted after works have been completed. This approach was taken with the stage one steps with many of the plants you now see growing beside the steps a result of this approach.

What is a 1:14 gradient access concrete path? 

A 1:14 gradient identifies that for every 14 metres, the path surface rises/drops by 1 metre. This is the limit of slope provided by Standards Australia, Design for access and mobility AS1428, for wheelchair access.

Will access to the reserve be impacted during the construction period?

Yes, the section of track between Captain Cook Lookout and the completed concrete stairs will be closed to pedestrians for the duration of the construction period. The existing Captain Cook Lookout car park will also be closed for use as a construction compound.

Where will the construction contractors’ compound and storage area be located?

The existing Captain Cook Lookout Car Park will be used by the construction contractor as their compound and for storage and delivery of materials. It will be closed for the duration of the construction period.

Will additional parking be provided for Captain Cook Lookout as a result of the upgrade works?

No, additional parking will not be provided as a result of the proposed car park upgrade works.

Will vegetation impacts be limited to the footprint of the proposed paths?

No, some sections of the pathway and track will need to have additional vegetation clearing on one or both sides to allow access for construction vehicles and materials. Where this occurs revegetation of the disturbed areas will be provided.

What is the cost of implementing each of the options?

The preliminary construction cost estimate for each of the options is listed below.
Option A – $3,230,000
Option B – $5,820,000
Option C – $495,000
Option C(i) – $1,380,000 (includes car park upgrade)
Option C(ii) – $1,295,000 (includes car park upgrade)
Option C(iii) – $1,270,000 (includes car park upgrade)
Option C(iv) – $640,000 (includes car park upgrade)

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