Woy Woy Waterfront Masterplan

Woy Woy Waterfront Masterplan

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Central Coast Council has developed a draft masterplan for the Woy Woy Waterfront using the feedback collected during the 2019 Let’s Talk Woy Woy campaign. 

The Masterplan provides an overall vision for the open space along the waterfront and provides a conceptual layout to guide future growth and development. The Plan includes budget and priority information for projects identified within the masterplan which will allow funding to be allocated to projects in future year budgets.

The site that is currently home to the much-loved Pelican Park Playspace is included as part of the Waterfront Masterplan. Unfortunately, Pelican Park is reaching the end of its functional life. Council knows this is a valued playspace by the community and as part of the master planning process and sought to better understand these values so they could be reflected in the long-term plan for Woy Woy Waterfront.

Have Your Say

Master planning is about making the connection between buildings, social settings and their surrounding environments – we asked the community if if we’ve gotten it right.

The community were invited to: 

  • View the draft Woy Woy Waterfront Masterplan
  • View the frequently asked questions (available below) 
  • Talk all things Woy Woy with us at the Let’s Talk Woy Woy event which was on Thursday 19 May 2022 between 10am and 4pm at the Peninsula Leisure Centre 
  • Register for a virtual information session with the project team.
  • Share your ideas, comments, and opinions on the interactive concept plans
  • Provide feedback via an online feedback form

It takes great ideas to build a strong future and we asked for your ideas, thoughts and opinions to inform the draft Woy Woy Waterfront Masterplan. The feedback provided is currently being used to inform, refine and enhance the Woy Woy Waterfront Masterplan.

Feedback was accepted between 2 June and 3 July 2022. 

You can view the results of the consultation by reading the engagement summary and detailed consultation report available in the document library on this page. 


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Who's listening

Who's listening
Rachael McWilliam, Team Leader – Project Management
Jared Phillips, Team Leader, Strategic Planning
What area does the Woy Woy Waterfront Masterplan cover?

The Masterplan area extends from Brisbane Water Drive in the west, along Brick Wharf Road waterfront to Lions Park at the end of North Burge Road and the area of waterfront reserve south to the eastern end of Brick Wharf Road.  

Woy Woy Waterfront Masterplan project boundary
Why does the Woy Woy Waterfront need a masterplan?

Master planning is an important step as it allows us to holistically plan the precinct. It ensures an overall vision for the site is established and identifies the future work needed, so that Council can allocate funds and attract grants to cater for all of the users of the waterfront.

How did the community get involved in the planning process for the Woy Woy Waterfront?

Council encouraged the community to provide feedback on the draft Woy Woy Waterfront Masterplan. 

Between 2 June and 3 July 2022 the community were invited to: 

An engagement summary and consultation report detailing the feedback recieved during the community engagement activities is now available: 

The feedback provided will be used to further refine and enhance the Woy Woy Waterfront Masterplan. 

What are the next steps for the Woy Woy Waterfront Masterplan?

Following the consultation period, Council will use the feedback collected to refine and enhance the Woy Woy Waterfront Masterplan. 

Once finalised, Council will seek out funding opportunities to deliver the identified projects. 

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