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Davistown and Empire Bay Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan
Consultation for this project has now concluded.

Central Coast Council is preparing a Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan (FRMSP) for the Davistown and Empire Bay catchments including the suburbs of Davistown, Empire Bay and portions of Bensville.

In 2010 Council completed two flood studies: The Davistown and Empire Bay Flood Study and the Brisbane Water Foreshore Flood Study. These studies identified flood risks to people, property, infrastructure and assets.

The Davistown and Empire Bay Flood Studies (Cardno Lawson Treloar, 2010) determined the flood behaviour within their respective catchments due to local storm runoff from a range of flood events.

The Brisbane Water Foreshore Flood Study (Cardno, 2013) detailed flood impacts due to ocean‐driven storm events within the Brisbane Water estuary.

Now, with the support of the NSW Government’s Floodplain Management Program, Council is undertaking a FRMSP to look at ways to manage the flooding problems identified in the two previous flood studies while taking into consideration management options identified in the 2015 Brisbane Water Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan.

The Davistown and Empire Bay FPRMS&P is being prepared by Rhelm Pty Ltd and is funded by Council.

Community Consultation

Council recently undertook community consultation to look at ways to manage the flooding problems identified in the Davistown and Empire Bay Flood Studies. Understanding how and where past flood events have impacted the community helps to identify flooding “trouble spots” to allow for a targeted assessment of where flood risk reduction measures would be best implemented.

Those who live, work or visit Davistown or Empire Bay were invited to answer a questionnaire that had been prepared by the flood consultant. This questionnaire was designed to provide Council with information on flooding problems they are aware of and suggestions on how they would like to see these problems addressed. A hard-copy of this questionnaire was also delivered to residences that are most affected by flooding in this study area.

This questionnaire closed on 14 December.

Further Information

Davistown and Empire Bay catchments are sub‐catchments of Brisbane Water, which connects to Broken Bay, and are located in the Central Coast Council Local Government Area.

Davistown is relatively flat and stormwater runoff drains discharge to the estuary at multiple locations along the western, southern, and eastern foreshore areas. Drainage infrastructure branches off to different points on the foreshore.

The study area is subject to coastal flooding and is often the result of severe coastal events such as storm surges associated with east coast low-pressure systems that form off the NSW coastline.

This study and plan will also consider the impacts of floodwaters that originate from heavy or prolonged rain, which causes stormwater to travel down-slope towards the estuary. This type of flooding is referred to as catchment flooding which is associated with increased creek flows.

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