Tunkuwallin Oval Gwandalan Skate Park Renewal

Tunkuwallin Oval Gwandalan Skate Park Renewal

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The existing skate park is at the end of its life and ready for a revised modern facility to meet the needs of the community and growing number of families in this area.

We want to ensure our community has to chance to tell us what they want they want to see in the new design, including the style, layout, components, and which wheels you want to ride on.

Council has engaged a design consultant that will host a design workshop and use feedback from participants and the online survey to create concept designs.  We’ll then present the draft concept design back to the community to see if we got it right.

Council is funding the design and build of the new skate park, with construction anticipated to commence early 2025, with completion by mid-2025.

This all relates to the Tunkuwallin Recreation Precinct Plan from 2020 which was developed to guide the layout of the future infrastructure to be built within Tunkuwallin Oval, Gwandalan, including the current skate park. 

Council invests in purpose built, safe and engaging skate parks and recreation areas because of the many community benefits these facilities provide, and to meet the growing popularity of skateboarding and scootering across widening age groups, genders and abilities.  Read more in our Central Coast Skate Park Action Plan.

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Council sought feedback between Monday 27 May and Monday 24 June 2024.

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Who's listening

Who's listening
Emily Campbell - Project Manager, Project Management Team 1


Why is Council building a new skate park?

The Tunkuwallin Recreation Precinct Plan contains plans for a new skate park. This project will replace the existing skate park which has been considered end of life and requiring replacement.

Where will the new skate park be located?

The Tunkuwallin Recreation Precinct Plan, the new skate park will relocated to be alongside the community hall due to the benefits this site provides, such improved connections to and around the facility for both users and spectators, plus improved visual surveillance from Kanangra Drive which discourages anti-social behaviour. 

What can the community influence within the design?

The Project team will consider all community suggestions and have the ability to determine functional elements within the design to better suit the community desires.

It’s important to note that while we do our best to develop projects to meet community needs, technical constraints, costs, and the overarching project objectives must also be considered to deliver a project that is safe, functional and can be delivered within the available budget.

When will the new skate park be built and when will the existing one be demolished?

The demolition of the existing skate park will be undertaken early 2025, as part of the works to construct a new formalised carpark at Tunkuwallin Oval.

The new skate park construction is anticipated to commence around the same time, with completion expected by mid 2025 (weather permitting). 

What is the Tunkuwallin Recreation Precinct Plan?

The Tunkuwallin Recreation Precinct Plan provides the framework for the future infrastructure within Tunkuwallin Oval to create an enhanced recreation facility that is aligned with the communities needs. The precinct plan includes the addition of recreation facilities and guides improvements to existing facilities.

How does Council decide on where skate parks are located or updated?

This skate park delivery aligns to the objectives of Council’s Central Coast Skate Park Action Plan (2020) to ensure quality multi-purpose and inclusive skateparks across the region that contribute to active lifestyles, support social engagement that are appropriately sited and sustainably managed.  Read more in the Central Coast Skate Park Action Plan.

What are the community benefits of having skate facilities?

Skate facilities:

  • Provide safe purpose-built environment for skateboarding which helps to avoid injury from collisions with pedestrians or motor vehicles
  • can reduce damage to private property and other community areas which can become an informal skate park if there isn’t a designated area
  • numerous physical and mental health benefits to skateboarders that come with being active, which can also reduce risky and anti-social behaviours in youth.
  • activate outdoor spaces with surrounding recreational areas
  • Provide opportunity for intergenerational co-operation, tolerance, social interaction and co-existence. This assists with counteracting age stereotypes, developing emotional and social skills and supporting social integration.
  • Improves visitor recreational offerings on the Central Coast

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