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Proposed Local Park and Playspace at Crangan Bay

Proposed Local Park and Playspace at Crangan Bay

This public exhibition has now concluded.

Scape Properties have offered to enter into a Planning Agreement with Council to deliver a park and play space at Lot 194 DP ​1247440​ also known as ​Bargan Road​, Crangan Bay.  The Planning Agreement includes a process for the design and delivery of the park and clauses to ensure it is constructed to Council’s specifications and requirements.  

The park and playspace will be located in the new residential subdivision currently under construction in Crangan Bay. The site is approximately 2 hectares in size and following completion of the works, the land will be dedicated to Council. 

Have Your Say 

Council was seeking your feedback on the draft concept plan for the park and playspace and draft Planning Agreement between 10 July and 6 August 2023. Feedback will be considered in determining the final design of the park and place space.

The community were invited to: 

Submissions were to be made between Monday 10 July 2023 and Sunday 6 August 2023 via:  

When providing feedback to Council your attention is drawn to the provisions of the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 which allows for possible access to certain public and personal documentation. View our privacy statement.


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Who's listening

Who's listening

What is a Planning Agreement? 

A Planning Agreement is a tool that allows planning authorities (such as Council) and developers to work together to delivery infrastructure outcomes for the local community.   

Why has a Planning Agreement been Prepared?

The Planning Agreement for Crangan Bay has been prepared to allow for the delivery of a local park and playspace in lieu of the payment of some of the development contributions required for the site (DA/967/2013). 

The Planning Agreement includes draft concept plans for the park and playground, a process for design and approval of the park, requirements for construction and standard clauses such a dispute resolution.   

What are the next steps? 

Following the community consultation, all the feedback received by Council will be reviewed, updates to the concept plans and Planning Agreement made (if required) and a Council Report will be prepared providing outcomes of the community consultation.  

Can I have my say on both the Planning Agreement and the Playspace?


We are seeking feedback on both the draft Planning Agreement as well as the park and playspace concept plans.

Our Strategic Planning and Open Space and Recreation teams are working with the developer on the playspace and park design.

Feedback received from the community will be provided to the developer and used to inform the final design.

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