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Woy Woy Town Centre Strategy

Woy Woy Town Centre Strategy

The Woy Woy town centre was identified as an emerging town centre in the Central Coast Regional Plan 2036 (CCRP 2036). The Woy Woy Town Centre Strategy will help to ensure Woy Woy achieves its identified town centre role and meets the objectives of the CCRP 2036 in a manner that accommodates the needs of the community.

The Woy Woy Town Centre Strategy will outline a vision and direction for development and improvements to public spaces in Woy Woy and will be instrumental in aligning private and public development and improving accessibility and connections throughout the town centre.

The Strategy will consider all relevant projects, guidelines and plans that relate to Woy Woy and provide a coordinated approach to future design and development.

Consultation and Next Steps

The Woy Woy community was invited to provide feedback from 28 October to 2 December 2019 as part of  Council's engagement event - Lets Talk Woy Woy. 

Lets Talk Woy Woy has provided Council with a wealth of information about Woy Woy Town Centre and the community’s future aspirations. This feedback is now being used to inform the Woy Woy Town Centre Strategy.

Council has appointed traffic consultants to explore concerns and suggestions raised by the local community and businesses to provide for improved traffic movement and connections within the centre. An economic consultant has also been engaged to suggest strategies to enhance economic viability,business growth and vibrancy within the town centre.

The recommendations of these studies will be used to identify options and opportunities for improvement within the town centre. The community will have the opportunity to get involved and provide feedback once these have been further developed.



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