Mannering Park shared pathway

Mannering Park shared pathway

Consultation for this project has now concluded.

Council is developing plans for construction of a shared path between Mannering Park and Kingfisher Shores, Chain Valley Bay.

The project will help to create an array of benefits for the community, including improved pedestrian safety, connectivity between local destinations, as well as an additional recreational facility for the community to enjoy.

Council has identified two potential locations for the pathway:

  • Option 1 - estimated cost $6.5million
    A 2.9km pathway along the foreshore from Griffith Street, Mannering Park crossing the inlet channel and through Delta Power land to Tall Timbers Road, Kingfisher Shores connecting to the existing path. This option will include bridges, on ground concrete and a boardwalk.
  • Option 2 – estimated cost $7.8million
    A 6.1km pathway from the existing path near Griffith Street, Mannering Park via Ruttleys Road and the Pacific Highway to the existing shared path at Tall Timbers Road. This option will be predominately on ground concrete with three short bridges over existing pipelines and stormwater channels.

The project is listed in Council’s Bike Plan, s7.12 Contributions Plan and is a long-advocated community priority.

Community consultation

As current and future users, your views are important to ensure the shared pathway meets community needs. From Monday 8 February to Monday 8 March, the community were invited to have a say on their preferred option for the new shared pathway at Mannering Park by

A community consultation report will be made available soon.


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Who's listening

Who's listening
Thomas Summersby – Project Development Engineer

Frequently asked questions

What is the width of the shared path?

The width for both pathway options will be 2.5m.

What other features and safety measures will be included with the path?

The path will include safety barriers, fencing, bridges and boardwalks depending upon which option is selected. The detailed design will also consider provisions for emergency vehicle access and maintenance vehicle access.

What are the environmental impacts of each options?

Based on the route option assessment it is expected the Foreshore option will require more clearing of vegetation and trees than the Rutleys Road/ Pacific Highway option.

However, at this stage without detailed design, it is difficult to determine how many trees will be removed and the extent in which vegetation needs to be removed. Mitigation measures for environmental impacts will be address as part of detailed design for the preferred option.

Who owns the land for each of the proposed pathway options?

Some the foreshore parcels of land required for Option 1 are owned by Sunset Power International (aka Delta) and the Crown. Council has liaised with both stakeholders and obtained legal advice to confirm the viability of the proposed route. Further negotiations will be entered into subject to selection of the preferred route.

Option 2 route stays within the road reserve for the majority of the length, with one section going through Crown Land, where Council is already the land manager.

Why are Council doing these works?

The project is identified as an action in the Central Coast Council Bike Plan to provide a safer pedestrian and bicycle link between Mannering Park, Chain Valley Bay and Kingfisher Shore as well as an additional recreational facility for the community and region to enjoy.

Why are Council asking the community for feedback?

This project has historically received huge interest and community advocacy. As such, Council resolved at the Ordinary Meeting on 8 October 2018 there was need for further consultation with community members and community groups to help establish the safest and preferred shared pathway route.

When will works occur?

The 2020-21 scope of works involves initial investigation only and commencement of concept design.

The project will then proceed into a detail design phase in 2021-22 subject to Council adoption. Construction is not confirmed and is dependent on available funding.

How is the project being funded?

The project is currently partially funded by $3.6m allocated from s7.12 Contribution Development Plan. Completion is dependent on securing of grant funding and completion in stages.

Given Council’s current financial situation, why is this project going ahead?

It is imperative we continue to plan for community infrastructure. By carrying out this engagement activity now we ensure we consider the community's views. It is important to have shovel ready projects for the ability to secure grant funds into the future.

Where's it happening?

Mannering Park NSW 2259, Australia

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