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Tunkuwallin Oval, Gwandalan - playspace consultation

Tunkuwallin Oval, Gwandalan - playspace consultation

Tunkuwallin Oval, Gwandalan - playspace consultation
This project is now open for consultation.

As part of the Tunkuwallin Recreation Precinct Plan, a new district playspace is earmarked for inclusion at Tunkuwallin Oval.

We have developed a concept layout plan to provide spaces for an inclusive, accessible, safe, creative, challenging, enjoyable and sustainable playspace for a broad range of ages and abilities.

Now we want to hear from you regarding the proposed elements and preferred equipment within this space!

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To ensure this new playspace reflects what current and future users want, we developed an online survey.

The community is invited to:

Consultation was open from 9 November to 7 December 2020

This consultation follows previous stakeholder engagement and in-depth investigations by Council for the development of the Tunkuwallin Recreation Precinct Plan to support the provision of play facilities that will cater to the needs of the growing community in the Gwandalan area - now and in the future.  This playspace is one of two being delivered at Gwandalan this financial year and funded by developer contributions.

Council will be using Local Infrastructure Contributions to fund this playspace which is due to commence construction in May 2021. Local infrastructure contributions (also referred to as Development contributions) are charged by Council when new development occurs. These contributions fund local infrastructure needed to support an increased number of residents in the area. This type of local infrastructure typically includes local roads, stormwater and drainage, shared pathways, parks, playspaces or other recreational areas, environmental land and community facilities.  For more information on Development Contributions and to view all Council Contribution Plans, go to Council's main website.


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Design of playspace
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Luke Johansson, Project Officer, Central Coast Council

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Tunkuwallin Oval

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