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Umina Skate Park and Precinct Redevelopment

Umina Skate Park and Precinct Redevelopment

Consultation for this project has now concluded.

About the project

Central Coast Council is planning to revitalise the Peninsula Recreation Precinct with the redevelopment of Umina Skate Park and the adjacent recreation zones.

Trinity Skate Parks have been engaged to work with the community to undertake community consultation and develop a concept design for the skate park, as well as develop a plan for the area around the BMX track and half basketball court.

It is anticipated that the redevelopment will provide additional socially inclusive recreational opportunities for a range of ages, abilities and sporting skills, attract families to congregate in the area, provide a safe and accessible venue for community activities and attract regional and significant community skate events.

Recent consultation

Phase 1 - Late 2018: We asked for your ideas and feedback to redevelop the Umina Skate Park and the adjacent recreational areas.

Phase 2 - Early 2019: We used your feedback from phase 1 to guide the development of two masterplan concept designs.

Update 1

We are continuing to move forward with the exciting new works planned for Umina’s recreation and sporting areas including the redevelopment of Umina Skate Park at Peninsula Recreation Precinct.

We are working with the Australian Government to finalise the $8.25 million grant funding agreement which was announced in March 2019 for the upgrade of the Peninsula Recreation Precinct. Works are to include the redevelopment of Umina Skate Park, upgrade of the existing sportsground amenities buildings and improvements to car parks and access ways that will complement the already popular play space, café and related infrastructure at the site.

A Concept Plan has been developed for Umina Skate Park based on feedback received from the community during consultation activities over the past 12 months, and is now being finalised for the development of the construction plans.

We will continue to provide you with opportunities for feedback on the proposed works once the details of the Peninsula Recreation Precinct upgrade have been confirmed.

Update 2

Over the past year Council has been working with Trinity Skate Parks and the community to develop a concept design for the redevelopment of Umina Skate Park and the surrounding recreation precinct.

Council has now obtained a final concept design for the area which will be used as the basis of a detailed design and construction tender early next year.

The detailed design phase will provide a final opportunity for the community to have their say prior to construction starting. 

Council will continue to provide information to the community as the project progresses.

Update 3

Council is eager to progress to the next stage of developing a program of works for a number of upgrades to the Peninsula Recreation Precinct and adjacent facilities at Umina Oval, including the redevelopment of Umina Skate Park following the announcement by the Australian Government in 2019 for $8.25M towards these projects.  In addition to the grant funding Council has budgeted $600,000 as part of the 2021-22 and 2022-23 financial year operational plan towards the $8.85M upgrade project.

Council is continuing the process of working with Lucy Wicks and community groups negotiating the specific details of the planned works for the funding agreement to ensure the best value for money and outcome for the community for all current and future users of these upgraded recreation and sports facilities.  Upon receipt of an executed funding agreement from the Australian Government, Council will be in a position to determine the timeframe and details for the delivery of works associated with the Umina Skate Precinct Upgrade project.


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