Peat Island Planning Proposal

Peat Island Planning Proposal

This public exhibition has now closed.

A Planning Proposal was prepared for surplus Government owned land at Peat Island and Mooney Mooney (the site). 

The Planning Proposal sought to facilitate the future redevelopment of the site, for a mix of residential, community, tourism and employment generating land uses. Under the Gosford Local Environmental Plan 2014 (GLEP 2014), the majority of the site was zoned SP2 Infrastructure and is identified on the zoning map as ‘Hospital’ (the entire Peat Island and majority of the main land is zoned for hospital use), ‘Road’, ‘Public Utility’, ‘Water Supply System’ and ‘Educational Establishment’ (for the former School) under GLEP 2014. It also included areas zoned for RE1 Public Recreation.

The Planning Proposal and other relevant supporting documentation was exhibited between 20 September and 20 December 2021 at: 

  • Wyong Office: 2 Hely Street, Wyong (subject to COVID-19 restrictions)
  • On this page

The community were invited to: 

  • View the Draft Peat Island Planning Proposal (main document and technical documents)
  • Read the supporting documents including the FAQs available below

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Submissions were addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, Mr David Farmer by 5pm 20 December 2021 via: 

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Who's listening

Who's listening
Dean Fisher - Senior Strategic Planner

What are the proposed to planning controls for Peat Island, Mooney Mooney LEP/DCP?

If adopted, the Planning Proposal will require amendments to the Central Coast LEP and the introduction of a new Development Control Plan (DCP) Chapter to help guide the future development of Peat Island Mooney Mooney.

What community facilities are planned for Peat Island Mooney Mooney?

Council and the applicant are negotiating on the design, construction and ongoing operation and maintenance of a future community precinct.
Once these details have been negotiated a Planning Agreement between Council and the applicant be developed and placed on public exhibition.

How much of the open space and natural areas on Peat Island Open will be accessible to the general public?

The planning proposal suggests a mix of commercial and public open space. 
A tourist precinct and passive open space accessible to the general public are also proposed along with environmental lands.

Will additional berthing be available to the surrounding residents?

Additional berthing has not been considered within the draft Planning Proposal; however this could form part of any future development applications. 

Has the heritage of the area been considered in the proposal?

Considerable effort has been made to ensure Aboriginal and European heritage is protected and wherever possible restored.

How much residential development is proposed?

Future residential development envisages approximately 267 residential lots in a variety of sizes, which will facilitate opportunities for low and medium density development. 
No private residential development is proposed for Peat Island. 

What happens after the public exhibition period? 

Central Coast Council will consider the submissions made during the public exhibition period and will review the planning proposal, implementing changes and variation to best resolve the issues raised.
Once Council is satisfied that all issues have been resolved the planning proposal will be forwarded to the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, for final review. 

Where's it happening?

Peat Island, Mooney Mooney NSW 2083, Australia

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